Your Guide to Rave And Festival Etiquette


Your Guide to Rave And Festival Etiquette

May 20, 2020


General Tips:

  1. Come with an open mind
  2. Respect everyone around you
  3. Say excuse me when you move through a crowd
  4. Look out for those around you


  1. Remember to bring earplugs!
  2. Bring kandi to trade with other attendees
  3. Share gum, candy, or toys (or anything else that's safe to share in a post-COVID world)
  4. If you use a totem, either stand in the back of the crowd, turn it sideways when you’re closer towards the stage, or collapse it so others can see over you.


  1. Fan Clack
  2. Litter
  3. Cut in Line
  4. Judge Others
  5. Sit down in the middle of the dancefloor
  6. Take a video of someone who is vulnerable/too messed up and post it online
  7. Take someone’s kandi without offering to trade
  8. Assume everyone is on drugs
  9. Get too drunk before the event
  10. Forget your hydration pack!