Lunchbox How To


Lunchbox How To

August 07, 2019
Lunchbox How To

Hey lunchbox fam! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about our product. Whether your lunchbox just arrived in the mail or you're browsing for a hydration pack upgrade, this page is for you. Here, you'll learn all about lunchbox's anti-theft, hydration, and customization features, as well as tips and tricks to use your lunchbox like a pro. Read on to find out why lunchbox is the last festival hydration pack you'll ever need!

Anti Theft Features

The festival community is filled with some of the greatest people you will ever meet, but unfortunately festival attendees are also often the target of professional pickpockets. After several incidences of our and our friends' phones being stolen and ruining our festival experience, we knew we needed to do something. Enter, the lunchbox. With our proprietary anti-theft design, we're deterring pickpockets and keeping your valuables protected through multiple features:

-Inverted Zipper Design: On most packs, the zippers face outward, making it easy for someone behind you to unzip your pockets and steal valuables in the chaos of the crowd. That's why we inverted our zipper system. Rather than facing outward, our zippers are on the backside of our hydration pack. This means when your lunchbox is on, no one can unzip your bag without touching your back and alerting you.

-Ballistic Nylon Materials: While many pickpockets grab phones out of unguarded pockets, they've also been known to slice open flimsy bags. This is why we made our bags out of military-grade ballistic nylon. This cut resistant fabric will protect your valuables from some of the more aggressive pickpocketing techniques.

-Protective Zipper Clips: Our pack has one external zipper -- to get into the juicebox bladder. To protect this pocket, we've added a clip to the zipper for additional security. On our V2 models, the inverted zippers against your back will have a clip as well for even more protection.

- Frontal Phone Pouch: The most expensive and important item most people bring with them to a festival is their phone. At a festival, your phone can be important for finding your friends, capturing video and photo memories, or navigating the venue and lineup. That's why we designed our bag to keep your phone secure and accessible at all times. With our front-facing phone pouch, your phone is tightly secured to your shoulder strap by our 4-way stretch mesh pocket. This means your phone is always in your line of sight, where no one can grab it without you noticing. Tip: Our mesh starts out incredibly tight to keep your phone secure, so it'll take some effort to slide your phone in and out the first few times. Over time, the pocket will mold to your phone. Fits an iPhone XS without issue.

    Hydration Features

    At music festivals, its incredibly important to stay hydrated. Between the heat of festival season, the near-constant walking and dancing, and alcohol consumption, its easy to see why dehydration is the biggest public health issues at fests. Attendees often have to decide between waiting in hour-long water lines and missing some of the music they've come to see, or simply not drinking water. While the lunchbox isn't bringing more water stations to festivals (yet), our rapid refill system refills over 3 times faster than standard hydration packs. By reducing the time it takes people to refill at the water station, we're hoping to shorten lines and encourage more people to drink water. Our rapid refill system has several key features. 

    - Side Opening: Rather than accessing your hydration bladder from the main pocket of your bag like standard models, our bladder is accessed by a separate side pocket. This means you don't need to worry about your stuff spilling out or being exposed while you take out and refill your bladder, freeing up hands and simplifying and speeding up the refill process. 

    - Sliding Seal: Rather than a standard screw cap, lunchbox uses a slide to seal our juicebox bladder shut. 

    - Insulated Compartment: Our juicebox bladder compartment is insulated, to keep your water cold all day long!

    - Low Anchor Weight: Instead of along your back, the lunchbox juicebox bladder sits at the bottom of your bag. This serves several functions. For one, the bottom of the bag is the most common area targeted by pickpockets cutting into packs. With a bottom bladder compartment, your valuables stay safe at the top. Secondly, a low anchor weight stops the water from sloshing against your back while using a hydration pack to run. 


    Customization Features

    The lunchbox isn't just functional, its also fun! Create infinite designs and express your personality with the same base model with our interchangeable skin system and lightshow EL wires. 

    - Interchangeable Skins: Our interchangeable skin designs feature artwork by community festival artists, festival brands, and record labels. Skins are attached via a zipper track on the front of the bag, because the main zippers for the back are on the back. Check out some of our amazing designs by @festiheads and @fancyunicorns and stay tuned for a new line of skins dropping late summer 2019! 

    - Lightshow Wires: Help your friends find you in a festival crowd with our lightshow EL wires. The lunchbox comes with built-in elastic loops around the pack to string your wires in whatever pattern you like! In addition to a convenient battery-pack pouch in the top of the bag, string your wire through a slit in the top of the pack so you don't need to mess with your zippers. Check out our 5 available colors. 


    More Features

    But the list doesn't stop there! Lunchbox is packed with tons of features to get you through your festival day. 

    - Sunglasses Pocket: On the alternate shoulder strap of your phone pocket is another easy-access mesh pocket for your sunglasses. Conveniently switch between shade and sun, indoor and outdoor, kaleidoscope and normal vision (diffraction glasses anyone?) all festival long. 

    - Mouthpiece Cover: Avoid wook flu and protect your mouthpiece from dust, dirt, and germs with our mouthpiece cover. 

    - Wire-Charging Pathway: Stay powered all festival long with our convenient wire charging pathway. Just stick a power brick (not included) in the battery pouch in the top pocket, string your charging cable through the slit at the top of the bag, through the elastics on the phone pocket shoulder strap, and plug it right into your phone. 

    - Side Pockets: Save space in your bag with our side pockets! Perfect for storing a fan, parasol, energy drink, or whatever else you might need to get through the festival day. 

    - Key Hook: Never lose your keys again with our key hook. Located under the bladder in the bladder compartment, this hook will keep your keys separate from the rest of the stuff so you can easily find them at the end of the night. 

    General Pro-Tips

    Pashmina Pocket: While not technically a pocket, here at lunchbox we never fest without a pashmina (what a versatile festival accessory!). That is why we've started storing our pashminas under the skin flap. Just unzip your skin, fold your pashmina wide enough that it cannot fall out of the hole at the bottom, zip the skin back on, and you're good to go! Other options include tying a pashmina to the straps at the bottom of the pack. 

    - Earplugs: Here at lunchbox, we strongly believe you should always wear earplugs at festivals. Noise induced hearing loss is the cumulative, irreversible damage to your hearing caused by prolonged, toxic noise levels--like the kind experienced at festivals. Protect yourself with high-fidelity earplugs. If your earplug carrying case is on a keychain, loop it around the top elastic bands on one of your shoulder straps for easy access. 


    Want More Information?

    Check out our youtube channel for more information on how to set up your hydration pack, festival hydration pack rules, learn about our #lunchboxfam, and more!

    When you buy a lunchbox you're not just getting the best festival hydration pack on the market, you're getting a festival family. We hope you decide to join our community and come party with us at our next festival!

    Welcome to the lunchbox fam!

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