Midnight Diffraction Skin

Midnight Diffraction was designed by community artist...Mr. K!

Inspired by the magic of the night, Midnight Diffraction reminds the artist of that brief period of time when the lights, music, and crowd all come together as one and align into one transcendental moment—when the weight of the world disappears and you are truly free. He hopes that adorning your lunchbox with this artwork reminds you of that junction in time, as you seek out your own magic."

Mr K. enjoys long walks to refill my hydration pack, romantic moments headbanging against the rail, and viewing picturesque lasers across the horizon.

Often found trading kandi, giving lightshows, or creating otherwise trippy stuff.

See more of his work here

It’s never been easier to get your hydration pack to match and change with your festival vibe. This community artist skin instantly changes the look of your lunchbox thanks to our interchangeable skin system. Simply use the zipper on the skin panel to zip the skin on the front of your lunchbox and you’re done! Use our skins to match your outfit, or match other #lunchboxfam members. 

Skins work with all versions of the lunchbox. 

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