2-Way Lightshow Wire Splitter

  • Streamline your lunchbox design process with our lightshow USB splitters. Connect TWO lightshow wires to the same battery pack. Simply disconnect the wire from the battery pack (included with the purchase of a lightshow wire), connect the splitter to the battery pack, and connect three lightshows of your choice...

  • Height 3.6 inches
    Length 3.8 inches
    Width 0.6 inches
  • Are splitters compatible with all lightshows?

    Yes! You can use splitters to combine any of our lunchbox lightshow wires.

    Will connecting multiple wires shorten battery life?

    Yes, the more wires you connect to a battery-powered inverter, the quicker the batteries will die. For longer use, consider purchasing a USB adapter to plug your wires into a power bank.