Aurora lightshow wire

  • Our Aurora lightshow wire is inspired by the magnificent purple colors of the Northern Lights. A lunchbox fam all-time favorite, you’re sure to light-up any crowd with your Aurora lightshow. It’s the perfect addition to any festival outfit, as you can easily customize your lightshow to match your...

  • Length 2 meters
    Power Requires two AA-batteries which power the lightshow for 8-12 hours (not included)
    Settings Comes with three speeds (solid, slow flash, fast flash)
  • How are the lightshow wires powered?

    Two double-AA batteries. We’re currently working on creating rechargeable variants now, stay tuned!

    How long is the lightshow wire?

    Lightshow wires are 2 meters long. Additional wire can be tucked back into the lunchbox battery pocket.

    How many flash settings do the light show wires have?

    Three! A steady lit up setting, a slow flash setting, and a fast flash setting.