Canopy lightshow wire

  • Ever lay on the ground as a kid and look up at the trees? That’s what you’ll see with this green Canopy lightshow wire, which was inspired by the lush canopies of the world’s most magnificent rain forests. It’s the perfect addition to any festival outfit, as you...

  • Length 2 meters
    Power Requires two AA-batteries which power the lightshow for 8-12 hours (not included)
    Settings Comes with three speeds (solid, slow flash, fast flash)
  • How are the lightshow wires powered?

    Two double-AA batteries. We’re currently working on creating rechargeable variants now, stay tuned!

    How long is the lightshow wire?

    Lightshow wires are 2 meters long. Additional wire can be tucked back into the lunchbox battery pocket.

    How many flash settings do the light show wires have?

    Three! A steady lit up setting, a slow flash setting, and a fast flash setting.