The Reflective Skin Bundle

  • We've been pretty reflective in 2020...which is why we're looking ahead to a flashy 2021 with our newest Reflective Bundle, our most visually impressive skin set yet! For those of you who can't decide between the limited edition can get them all instead! 

    Bundle includes 1x Silver Geo Skin,...

  • Materials Ballistic Tarpaulin
    Size 16 in x 10 in
    Zippers YKK Zippers
  • How do you change skins?

    It’s easy to change between different lunchbox skins! Simply unzip the skin that’s on the lunchbox, line up the zipper of the new skin, and zip-on your second skin. Since there is currently only one size lunchbox, any skin will work on any lunchbox (p.s. lunchbox also looks great without a skin).

    What lunchbox packs does the skin fit?

    Lunchbox skins fit on all of our lunchbox packs (V1 and V2).