How Lunchbox Works

Thank you for taking the time to learn about lunchbox! Whether your lunchbox has just arrived in the mail or you’re browsing for a hydration pack upgrade you’ve come to the right place. Watch the video below to see an overview of the lunchbox’s key features, as well as some tips and tricks from our team.

Anti Theft:

A major inspiration in the development of lunchbox was our own experiences getting pickpocketed at festivals. That’s why we built the lunchbox to protect your valuables so you can enjoy peace of mind in crowds:

Inverted Zipper Design: Our zippers lie against your back instead of facing outward, meaning no one can unzip your bag without touching and alerting you.

Protective Zipper Clips: All of our zippers come with a zipper clip to ensure extra protection. No zippers are left exposed.

Ballistic Nylon Construction: After having our own bags slashed by pickpockets we knew we needed our bag cut-resistant. That’s why we made the lunchbox out of 420D ripstop nylon to ensure you’re protected from more aggressive pickpocketing techniques.

- Frontal Phone Pouch: The most expensive and important item most people bring with them to a festival is their phone. Your phone is essential to finding your friends, getting transport to and from a venue, capturing memories of the event, and checking the lineup, so having it stolen can ruin your whole weekend. To make sure your phone is secure, accessible, and visible to you at all times we built a phone pouch on our shoulder strap. Made of durable 4-way stretch mesh, our phone pocket provides a tight fit that molds to your phone over time. Fits an iPhone XS without issue. 


Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways you can protect your health at a music festival. Lunchbox makes the refill process easier and faster than ever, keeps your water cool, and helps you spend less time getting water and more time enjoying the music.

- Side Bladder Access: Unlike standard hydration pack models, the lunchbox bladder can be accessed by a separate side pocket, meaning you can refill your bladder without taking the pack off your back. Say goodbye to fumbling with and exposing all the items in your bag while trying to refill your bladder.

- Slide Clip: Instead of a screw cap lunchbox’s EasyFill system uses a simple slide clip to seal your bladder shut.

- Insulated Hydration: Our juicebox bladder and hose are insulated, making sure your water stays cool and refreshing all day long.

- Low Anchor Weight: Rather than running down the length of your back like standard models, the lunchbox bladder sits in a designated bottom compartment. This creates a low anchor weight that minimizes sloshing while you dance the night away.


Lightshow Wires: Light up at your favorite state and help your friends find you in a crowd with our lunchbox lightshow wires! Lunchbox comes with built in elastic loops, making it easy to create whatever unique light design you want. Add a second color or braid three together for a more colorful effect.

- Interchangeable Skins: Customize your lunchbox however you want with our interchangeable skin system. Simply unzip your skin, line your new one up on the track, and zip it on. Choose from our range of skin design options supporting community artists, labels, and more! We’re always dropping new designs so be sure to let us know if there is something you’d like to see. Our fam members have gotten pretty creative designing custom options.


More Important Features:

But the list doesn't stop there! Lunchbox is packed with tons of features to get you through your festival day. 

- Accessories Strap Pocket: On the opposite strap of your phone pocket you’ll find an accessories pocket, perfect for sunglasses, a power bar, or anything else you want easily accessible while in a crowd. 

- Side Pocket: Keep a portable speaker, fan, or parasol easily accessible without needing to unclip your bag with our side mesh pocket.
Wire-Charging Pathway: Lunchbox makes it easy to charge your phone on the go. Simply put a portable battery in our internal top compartment, feed a charging cable through the slit on the side of the phone pocket, tuck the cord under the elastics on the straps, and make sure you never lose power at a fest again.
- Internal organization: Our top pocket is carefully constructed to help you organize all your festival essentials. Our wall-to-wall organizer pockets, portable battery pocket, accessories mesh pocket, and more help you keep all your items in a designated place.
Sunglasses Pocket: On the alternate shoulder strap of your phone pocket is another easy-access mesh pocket for your sunglasses. Conveniently switch between shade and sun, indoor and outdoor, kaleidoscope and normal vision (diffraction glasses anyone?) all festival long. 

- Mouthpiece Cover: Say goodbye to wook flu and protect your mouthpiece from dust, dirt, and germs.

- Key Hook: To make sure you can always find your keys at the end of the night we’ve added a key hook to the back pocket of the bladder.

Padded Air-mesh Lining: Our straps and back panel are padded with lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking mesh to protect against chafing and ensure comfort all festival long.

- Water Resistant Materials: The lunchbox’s ballistic nylon and tarpaulin is double coated in P900D Non-P PCV, making it water resistant and ready for whatever elements an event might throw at you.

- Safety Whistle: Our sternum straps come equipped with a safety whistle, so you can always alert those around you if you need help.

Want More Information?

Check out our youtube channel for more tutorials on how to use your bag. You can also check us out on social media for more tips and tricks, as well as updates on new product launches and lunchbox fam events. Have any questions or concerns? You can always reach our customer service team

We hope to see you at your next fest!

Much love,

The lunchbox team

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