Fam Reflective Skin (Limited Edition)

Lunchbox would be nothing without our lunchbox family. That's why we made a special skin just for you as a thank you for getting us to 500 members in our facebook group!

Introducing the lunchbox fam reflective skin: a reflective skin design that only shows its true pattern when revealed by flash at night. Available exclusively to our most committed fam members.

This is a limited time print that we will not be producing again...you'll soon be able to tell how long someone has been in the fam based on what style of fam skin they have! 

Disclaimer: Wearing this skin to an event may result in being chased down by the lunchbox team, connecting with other lunchbox members, and attracting a new festival family.

*lunchbox sold separately

Hey you, want every code on our store?

We do things a little differently around here. If we met you in the crowd at a show, we’d be sharing whatever we had with you! Right now, that means we have a little surprise for anyone who’s just meeting the lunchbox fam for the first time …

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