Galactic Fins Skin

Leave people wondering if your from this planet or from a galaxy far, far away by showing off your (intergalactic) scaly side with the winner of our first round of community skin voting. This skin was designed by one of our favorite community artists, @Festiheads.


It’s never been easier to get your hydration pack to match and change with your festival vibe. Use this community artist skin to instantly change the look of your lunchbox thanks to our interchangeable skin system. Simply use the zipper on the skin panel to zip the skin on the front of your lunchbox and you’re done! Use our skins to match your outfit, or match other #lunchboxfam members. 


Lunchbox fam recommendation:

Pair our galactic fins skin with a Glacier and a /snowfall wire for a stunning visual effect.

Hey you, want every code on our store?

We do things a little differently around here. If we met you in the crowd at a show, we’d be sharing whatever we had with you! Right now, that means we have a little surprise for anyone who’s just meeting the lunchbox fam for the first time …

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