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We’re so grateful you decided to join us on this journey to create a safer, healthier, happier festival experience. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of our tips, tricks, and instructions on how to set up and use your Lunchbox.

In this user guide, you’ll learn:

To set up your lunchbox
To properly use it
Our Tips & Tricks


To begin, take all the items out of your box. This should include (1) lunchbox bag, (1) juicebox hydration system, (1) Lightshow wire, (1) lunchbox base skin, and any additional products you purchased.

How To: Wear Your Lunchbox

Simple, wear it just like a backpack. 😉That's about it!

How To: Use The 'Juicebox'

Your ‘juicebox’ bladder comes PRE-INSTALLED in your lunchbox bag. In the event that you want to remove it, clean it, or just learn how to use for later on, please read the following.

How To: Install the Bladder Start with the bladder and the hose disconnected. Find the side of your lunchbox with the zipper access point to the lower, insulated compartment. While you look at the part of the bag with the straps, unzip the lower compartment.

Place the bladder in the compartment by lining up the grey sliding seal with the side of the bag with the external access point. Make sure the grey hose attachment ring is in the bottom left corner and facing up. Next, slide the bladder under the elastic black band until the bladder lies flat beneath.

How To: Install the Hose For your hose, the mouthpiece is going to end up on shoulder strap with the sunglasses pocket (hint -- it’s the strap that does NOT say “lunchbox”). Take the end of the hose without the mouthpiece, slide it under the two upper black elastic bands on the strap, and through the eyelet on the top side of the bag. This will be a slit in the top part of the front of the bag. In the bottom corner of the upper compartment you’ll find a hole leading down into the insulated bladder compartment. Slide the bottom of the hose through that hole, and click it into the grey attachment ring.

How To: Hydrate To use, simply unzip the side zipper, remove the slide clip on the bladder, fill with water, place clip back on, close the zipper, and put the bag on normally. We recommend checking out our tutorial video above to best visualize how this works!

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How To: Use Skins

Skin designs are attached via a zipper track on the front of the bag. To change designs, simply unzip the skin fully from the zipper track, line up the teeth of the new skin with the zipper slider, and pull the zipper fully around to the bottom. Since there is currently only one size lunchbox, any skin will work on any lunchbox. (P.S. lunchbox also looks great without a skin - more options for you to choose from!)

How To: Use Lightshow Wires

First, you’ll need to put two AA batteries in the black battery pack to power your Lightshow (don’t worry, we’re already working on creating a rechargeable variant). AA batteries are included with your Lightshow wire pack.

Next, place your EL wire battery pack in either the left or right side pouch in the top compartment. Make sure the ON button is facing outward so you can control your lights from the outside of the bag. Once your battery has been placed, pull the entire length of the Lightshow wire through the slit in the top of the bag.

Now you're free to string Lightshow wire through the elastic loops found on the exterior of the bag. Cross the wires to make your own unique design, and hold your lunchbox in the air next time you lose your friends!

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Why So Many Items?

The lunchbox itself is packed with a combination of features that are fun, functional, and all in one bag! For starters:

    1. Inverted, anti-theft zipper design
    2. Cut-resistant, ballistic nylon materials
    3. Interchangeable, customizable skins
    4. Rapid EasyFill hydration system
    5. Insulated ‘juicebox’ compartment
  • EL ‘Lightshow Wire’ compatibility
  • Dedicated front strap phone pouch
  • Power bank pocket
  • Wire charging pathway
  • Sunglasses Pocket
  • Nozzle mouthpiece cover
  • Side Pockets
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh padding
  • Adjustable sternum straps
  • And more!
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    The best part? As you change, so does your lunchbox, by trying out different Lightshow Wires and Skins over time!

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to - we're always here to help!