Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are lunchbox’s dimensions?

A: 16in x 10in x 5in


Q: How much does the lunchbox weigh?

A: The pack itself weighs less than 1.5lbs not including water or additional items.


Q: How much water does the juicebox bladder hold?

A: Our juicebox bladder holds 2L of water.


Q: What is a juicebox?

A: The juicebox is our reimagined custom-printed bladder, which is compatible with our EasyFill system.


Q: How does lunchbox keep water cooler for longer?

A: The juicebox bladder compartment is fully insulated to keep water (or whatever else) cool.


Q: How does lunchbox prevent theft?

A: Lunchbox’s anti-theft features were designed to protect users from the most common types of festival theft.


The most common forms of theft include:


Lunchbox is protected by an exterior shell made of cut-resistant ballistic nylon, so no one can slice your lunchbox and steal the contents without you noticing. In addition, the inverted zipper system creates a seal between your back and the zipper pockets, so no one can unzip your lunchbox when you’re wearing the bag. For added protection, we included an optional zipper clip on juicebox compartment since the zipper is side facing.

In addition, lunchbox has two small, hidden pockets located on the shoulder straps which are perfect for storing a Tile or other tracking device. This way you'll be able to track your lunchbox's location should it go missing or be stolen.


Q: I’m looking at bag restrictions for festivals and they say that the maximum bag restrictions are smaller than lunchbox’s dimensions - what’s up?

A: Hydrations packs have different size restrictions than regular backpacks. As a rule, hydration packs are generally comprised of two main compartments, one for the bladder and one for everything else. Lunchbox was designed as a hydration pack with this in mind, which is why lunchbox has two main compartmentsone for your juicebox (our hydration bladder) and one for everything else!


Q: Will my phone fit in the phone pocket?

A: When your lunchbox arrives you may notice that the mesh phone pocket on the left shoulder strap is a little tight and you may have difficulty getting your phone in the pocket the first time. The pocket is made out of four-way stretch mesh fabric and it will stretch slightly and mold to snugly fit your phone after using the pocket several times. We recommend carefully taking your phone in and out of the pocket a few times after you first get your lunchbox in order to mold the fabric to fit your specific phone. 


Q: Will lunchbox get into every festival?

A: While every festival has different guidelines for hydrations packs, lunchbox specifications meet the hydration pack requirements of the top 50 festivals in the United States.


Q: Is lunchbox waterproof?

A: While lunchbox is not fully waterproof, it is water resistant. The outer material has a durable, water-resistant coating. The matte base skin adds additional waterproofing capabilities to the front of the bag. Your lunchbox can handle the rain but it should not be fully submerged. Don't jump in a lake, by any means, but don't worry about rainstorms ruining your stuff.


Q: What comes standard with my lunchbox package?

A: (1)  lunchbox bag, (1) juicebox, (1) lightshow wire, (1) lunchbox matte black icon skin.


Q: How do you change skins?

A: It’s easy to change between different lunchbox skins! Simply unzip the skin that’s on the lunchbox, line up the zipper of the new skin, and zip-on your second skin. Since there is currently only one size lunchbox, any skin will work on any lunchbox (p.s. lunchbox also looks great without a skin).


Q: How are the lightshow wires powered?

A: Two double-AA batteries. We’re currently working on creating rechargeable variant now, stay tuned!


Q: Why can’t I get a colorway other than black before EDC Las Vegas 2019?

A: We had to place a rush order in order to guarantee delivery by EDC LV which means we only have the black colorway for now. Subscribe to our email list to find out what colors are coming next and when they’ll be available!


Q: Does the juicebox nozzle have a cap?

A: Yes! It has a detachable cap which protects the mouthpiece from dirt and germs, which helps keep you healthy. No wook flu here!


Q: What is the lunchbox FAM program?

A: The lunchbox FAM program is our affiliate program, offering true lunchbox supporters a chance to save money on their lunchbox orders, unlock exclusive merchandise, and earn invites to meet-ups, parties, events, and more with the lunchbox family.


Q: How can I join the lunchbox FAM program?

A: Once you fill out an application on our website, you’ll be sent a unique discount code as well as a share kit with information on lunchbox’s key features and suggested ways to share your code on social media.


Q: Can I use my own discount code?

A: No, affiliates may not use their own discount code on their orders.


Q: How do I earn lunch money?

A: Once a friend successfully completes a lunchbox order with your discount code, your order will be discounted $15 for each successful referral. Please note that the person being referred’s card must be successfully charged to earn the discount -- cancelled orders will not count toward earning affiliates lunch money.


Q: What sorts of prizes can I unlock through the FAM program?

A: Refer enough friends and unlock exclusive EL lightshow wire colors, skin designs, pashminas, refraction glasses, biodegradable glitter, lunchbox after party invites, inclusion in team meetings, and more. A full list of rewards can be found on the FAM program application.


Q: If I earn enough lunch money for a free lunchbox, what can I do with my remaining lunch money?

A: Lunch money can only be redeemed for lunchbox merchandise. They cannot be redeemed for cash, transferred between accounts, bartered, or sold. Your lunch money can be used to purchase additional EL lightshow wires and skin designs. In the case of a FAM member reaching 10 referrals, you can redeem your $100 in lunch money for a fully loaded lunchbox (which contains surprises from our festival partners like Fancy Unicorns!) 


For everything else:

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