a loyalty program made for the fam

how it works


Create your loyalty account to begin earning lunch money (aka loyalty points).


Earn lunch money for purchasing, by completing activities, or by completing challenges.

Level Up

As you earn more lunch money, you level up in tiers giving you exclusive discounts, access to new products, and fam only goodies.


Redeem your lunch money for $$$ off your next lunchbox purchase.


the lunchbox wallet

You may have noticed this little circle floating at the bottom right of your screen. Click (or tap) and it will open your handy dandy lunchbox wallet! Within your wallet you'll find ways to earn more lunch money, see what your loyalty tier perks are, redeem lunch money for store credit, and so much more!

how to earn lunch money

Lunch money is now the official Lunchbox currency. You can earn lunch money by purchasing from the lunchbox store in addition to completing activities, challenges, and referring friends.

complete activities

Earn easy lunch money by completing activities like joining our Facebook Fam group, posting on social media and tagging @lunchboxpacks, or snapping and submitting photos of your pack in the wild.

complete challenges

Complete our latest challenges like snapping and submitting a pic of your pack collection, sharing your DIY skin creation, or attending a lunchbox festival meetup to earn even more lunch money! Be sure to check your wallet frequently to see what the latest challenges are before you attend your next festival.

refer friends

True friends don't keep secrets right?

For each friend you refer to purchase a lunchbox using your unique referral link, you earn 1,000 lunch money (equivalent of $10!) and they get 10% off their first lunchbox purchase. Talk about a win-win!

elevate your way to new tiers

As you rack up more lunch money, you level up to new tiers. Higher tiers give you access to more awesome perks. Don't take our word for it, check 'em out!

how to redeem lunch money

Redeem your hard earned lunch money on your next purchase by by either selecting "spend lunch money" in your wallet to generate a discount code to be used on the site (100 lunch money = $1), or applying your lunch money directly in checkout.


asked questions

How does the wallet work?



The wallet is your one stop shop for rewards. All of your lunch money tokens live in the wallet. You can complete any and all activities from the wallet, including adding your refer a friend link to your apple wallet! You can generate discount codes, check your tier status, and access all your perks and rewards from the wallet.

How do I earn lunch money?



There are three ways to collect lunch money: completing activities, completing challenges, and referring friends to lunchbox. You can view activities and challenges on the rewards homepage, on the homepage of the wallet, or in the "how to earn" module of the wallet. To begin, click the lunchbox icon in the bottom left corner at any time to open the wallet.

How do I redeem lunch money?



From the wallet, click "spend credit" and enter how much lunch money you want to use. A discount code will be created for you to copy and enter at checkout, which can be applied to anything on the store. You can access your previous coupons in the fourth module

How much does the program cost?



Joining the program is free! In fact you can earn your way into high tiers without spending a dollar - you can refer your friends to lunchbox, engage on social media, and complete available challenges! You might even be able to earn a free lunchbox hydration pack!

Does my lunch money or tier status expire?



No, your lunch money and tier status does not expire. Once you achieve a tier through lunch money earnings, you have permanently achieved that tier. Spending lunch money does not downgrade you from the tier you are in, as the tier is based on your lifetime earnings of lunch money.

I have an additional question about my loyalty account. What do I do?



Please send us an email with your issue, a screenshot or record of the issue, and email address attached to your loyalty account to "fam@itsmylunchbox.com". We will do our best to resolve your problem as quickly as we can.

How long does it take to review my submitted challenge?



Submitted challenges will be reviewed within ten (10) business days. We take the time to review each submission and validate it for accuracy, so give us a few days :).

Why did my challenge submission get rejected? Can I re-submit?



If your challenge submission wasn't accepted, it's possible that you did not meet the full criteria of the challenge, or the photo submitted was a duplicate! You can re-submit a challenge once more after a denial, but additional submissions will not be accepted.

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