How the Lunchbox
Hydration Pack Works

Ready to be a lunchbox pro? Whether your lunchbox has just arrived in the mail or you’re browsing for your next upgrade, you’ve come to the right place. Watch the video below to see an overview of the lunchbox’s key features, as well as some tips and tricks from our team.

Top Features

A Deeper Look at How It Works

How to Open Your Juicebox

One of the first steps to set up your lunchbox hydration pack is opening your juicebox hydration bladder. We get a lot of questions from the fam about how to open their bladders. This is because your bladder comes tightly vacuum sealed for hygiene assurance purposes, requiring more effort than you’d expect to break the seal.

It’ll take strength to pull the two sides of your bladder opening apart, so don’t be afraid to really tug at the flaps. Looking for an insider trick? Try opening your mouthpiece valve and blowing down the tube to inflate the bladder and make the seal easier to break. Make sure to bite down on the rubber mouthpiece while you blow. You can also use your fingers/fingernails to separate the two sides. Fam members have used all sorts of foreign objects to wedge the juicebox open, but be careful of anything that might puncture a hole in your new bladder.

How to Use the Fast Water Refill

To use our easy fill hydration system, simply unclip and unzip the side zipper, remove the slide clip on the bladder, fill with water, fold over the flaps, slide the clip back on, close the zipper, and put the bag on normally.

We recommend checking out our tutorial video above to best visualize how this works!

How to String Your Lightshow Wires

If you’ve purchased a lunchbox hydration pack, your order came with at least one lightshow wire. To set up your wire, first you’ll need to put two AA batteries in the black battery pack to power your wire. We unfortunately do not include batteries in your order at this time.

Next, place your EL wire battery pack in either the left or right side pouch in the top compartment. Make sure the button you use to toggle between different lighting options is facing outward so you can control your lights without unzipping the bag. Once your battery has been placed, pull the entire length of the Lightshow wire through the slit in the top of the bag.

Now you’re free to string Lightshow wire through the elastic loops found on the exterior of the bag. Cross the wires to make your own unique design, and hold your Lunchbox in the air next time you lose your friends!

How to Charge Your Phone During Wear

The lunchbox doesn’t just protect your phone from pickpocketing, it keeps it accessible and charged all day long! Slip your phone into our secure phone pocket on the left shoulder strap. The first few times it will take a lot of effort to slide the phone all the way in, but overtime the mesh elastic will conform to your phone. The pocket is tight to ensure maximum protection. From your shoulder strap your phone is always in your line of sight, and you can grab it at a moment’s notice to take a photo or catch a drop on video.

Your phone isn’t just for taking photos at an event. It’s an important way you stay in contact with friends, call an uber, look up what set you want to go to next. That’s why it’s important to keep your phone charged. Simply put a portable charger (not included) into one of the interior pockets in the top compartment, thread your charger cord out the slit in the upper left corner, and tuck it under the elastics above the phone pocket.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions!

What are lunchbox’s dimensions?
16in x 10in x 5in
How much water does the juicebox bladder hold?
Our juicebox bladder holds 2L of water.
What is a juicebox?
The juicebox is our reimagined custom-designed bladder.
Is the lunchbox waterproof?
While the lunchbox is not fully waterproof, it is water resistant. The outer material has a durable, water-resistant coating. Your lunchbox can handle the rain but it should not be fully submerged.
I’m looking at bag restrictions for festivals and they say that the maximum bag restrictions are smaller than lunchbox’s dimensions - what’s up?
Hydrations packs have different size restrictions than regular backpacks. As a rule, hydration packs are generally comprised of two main compartments, one for the bladder and one for everything else. Lunchbox was designed as a hydration pack with this in mind, which is why lunchbox has two main compartments—one for your juicebox (our hydration bladder) and one for everything else!
Bag guidelines for my next festival say that bags have to be clear, does this mean I can’t bring my lunchbox?
It depends! Most clear bag rules only apply to backpacks, hydration packs fall under different guidelines. So be sure to check, most festivals will let you bring in a hydration pack even if it is not clear.
Does the juicebox nozzle have a cap?
Yes! It has a detachable cap which protects the mouthpiece from dirt and germs, which helps keep you healthy. More important than ever in the COVID era.
What is the lunchbox fam?
When you buy a lunchbox you’re not just getting a product, but a festival family. The lunchbox fam is a community of customers that connect digitally and in person at events to support one another, learn from each other and more. Join our lunchbox fam Facebook group today!

Still have a question? Submit your question to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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