Lunchbox Fall Pre-Order Announcement


Hey lunchbox fam,

This message is coming to you from Tom Worcester, the founder of lunchbox, with an update on all open pre-orders for the lunchbox hydration pack, sling pack, or snack pack. This announcement does not apply to Dream LED skin orders.

It’s early September, which means we’re just about a month out from our stated October 11th, 2021 pre-order date on all backordered lunchbox packs. In our continued spirit of open communication with the lunchbox fam, our team wanted to pass along a transparent update about where we are in production & the COVID situation in Vietnam.

What's Happened?

From our initial announcement, we mentioned that we were facing the challenge of the Delta COVID variant rapidly spreading in Vietnam, and hoped that we’d be able to work through outstanding issues as the Vietnamese government got COVID under control.

As of last week, the government announced a new series of military-enforced lockdowns in the region that we produce in, which has prevented our factory workers from being able to safely manufacture our packs & prevented port workers from being able to maintain shipping lanes. Without endangering the lives of our factory partners & without approval from the government to proceed with manufacturing, we will be announcing a delay in production beyond the October 11th, 2021 date.

We remain optimistic that our factory will resume production this Fall as the situation stabilizes, and we continue to utilize all of our resources and relationships to put ourselves in a priority position for shipping these units out to you, the lunchbox fam.

Pre-Orders Have A Choice...

We understand that this situation is less than ideal, especially for those of you excited to bring a lunchbox to EDC:LV and other October festivals. For those of you willing to stick with us and support the lunchbox fam, we’ll be granting you bonus loyalty points equal in value to $20 or $30 in store credit to spend on your next skin, lightshow fam, or whatever you’d like. For those of you who would like to cancel your order, you’ll be able to do so with no penalty and a full refund. If no form is filled out, we will hold your pre-order as is. Please note: a cancelled pre-order will give up your position in line for the next sold-out shipment of Lunchbox Packs.

We’ll also be giving all those who hold their order a full preview of our new skin line. Orders can only be updated through the following link.

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What is our new delivery date?

We are aspirationally hoping to get product in before EDC:O, though we cannot guarantee arrival by any specific date. We have a number of completed Ruby & Sapphire units on the factory floor, which are ready to ship, which we are hoping to bring into the U.S. once the factory opens. We are in daily contact with our production partners and are doing everything we can to accelerate shipments, restore our factory floor, and get packs into your hands, but we cannot control the impact of COVID on the nation of Vietnam.

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All pre-order recipients will be kept tightly informed of the situation on the ground as we learn more. Regardless of this setback, the lunchbox team is working day and night to ensure that we deliver our packs to you, the lunchbox fam, to improve your next event experience.

Thank You For Reading

The lunchbox team is a collection of festivals goers & ravers who care deeply about improving the live event experience for those around us, and especially for those who have trusted us to improve THEIR experiences. In these unexpected times, we thank you for taking the time to read this update & support our community.

All the best,

Tom Worcester

p.s. For any additional questions or concerns with your order, please email with your order details and your question. We will only be taking order updates through the "Update your Order" link in the above announcement.

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