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If you've ever wanted to rock multiple lightshows without dealing with several bulky battery packs this is for you! The lightshow power bundle comes with 1x 4 way splitter, 1x flashing USB inverter, 1x powerbox, and 4x lightshow wires (no inverter). 

You have two choices to make with your bundle. First - do you want a black or white powerbox? Second, do you want a Sherwood or Kalliope lighshow bundle?

SHERWOOD: 1x Aurora Lightshow Wire (Pink), 1x Sunset Lightshow Wire (Red), 1x Canopy Lightshow Wire (Green), and 1x Glacier Lightshow Wire (Blue). 

KALLIOPE: 1x Midnight Lightshow Wire (Purple), 1x Neon Lightshow Wire (Neon Green), 1x Lambo Lightshow Wire (Orange), and 1x Sunrise Lightshow Wire (Yellow). 

Something not quite right? We stand behind the quality of our products & will replace any items with defects / issues based on our warranty policy.

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