Individual Lightshow Wires (w/ Inverter)

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Our lightshow wires are the perfect addition to any festival outfit, as you can easily customize your lightshow to match your unique festival look. Try pairing different colors with your lunchbox for an unmistakeable look.


Easily string your wire on your lunchbox using our built-in wire loop system to show off your lightshow. Once you have your lightshow strung, all you need is a dark room to see how your lightshow wire can light-up the night sky. Use your specific wire combination and design to instantly turn your lunchbox into a totem so you can find your friends, and your friends can find you. Our lightshow wires are also bright enough to provide you with vital light when you need it (no more dark festival porta potties!)


Final Specs

Length: 6 feet long, can tuck extra length back into the lunchbox for internal compartment lighting

Power: Requires two AA-batteries which power the lightshow for 8-12 hours (not included)

Settings: Comes with three speeds (solid, slow flash, fast flash)

Note: lightshow wires are meant to last for several festivals before any replacement. If the lightshow wire is NOT wrapped properly there is a risk of the wire catching on people/ things in the crowd. Make sure to weave the lightshow snugly on your lunchbox.

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