5 Ways to Recharge at Electric Forest

5 Ways to Recharge at Electric Forest

Written by Ade Ramos (@VibeWithAde)

Electric Forest is regarded as a magical festival experience for attendees. For four days in June, the forest family immerses themselves in the trees and the music for a weekend of enjoyment, exploration, and magic. It can be almost a week-long experience depending on when you arrive so taking care of your mind, body, and soul throughout the weekend is key in lasting all weekend long. Here are five ways you can recharge at Electric Forest to keep you lifted throughout the weekend. 

Daily Yoga

Every morning at noon at Electric Forest you can head to Tripolee inside of the festival for some daily yoga. Keeping your body stretched and limber has great benefits for your festival weekend. The beauty of yoga is you can take it at your own pace and even if you’re completely new to yoga, it will be a great stretch for you. This can also be a great time for you to tune into how you’re feeling and set intentions for your day as well. If you’re in Good Life, there is daily yoga in the Good Life Village for you too!

Hammock Zone

Hammock culture is alive and well at Electric Forest! Bring your hammock and hoist it among the trees for some relaxation. Pro tip is to go when gates open on the first day to get a good spot with lots of shade so that you can escape from the sun during the day time. Make sure you remember where you set your hammock up so that you can go back to grab it on the last day. 

If you don’t have your own hammock, it’s an unwritten rule that any hammock up in the forest is available for festival goers to use. Just be kind and respectful as others are kindly offering their hammocks up for use. It’s a great way to catch an afternoon nap, take a load off your feet from walking around, and to enjoy the magic of the forest, especially at night.

Workshops at the Brainery

A unique part of the Electric Forest experience is The Brainery where you can learn, connect, and partake in a variety of workshops and talks. Be sure to check out their schedule of activities in the app or on their website which allows you to take a break under some shade and explore whatever topic the activity has in store for you. 

Take a Trip to the Waterpark 

Another experience that can help you recharge amidst the hustle and bustle of the festival is to take a trip to the waterpark. You can hop on a shuttle to go to The Gold Rush Water Park which is open from 10 am to 6 pm. A ticket to the waterpark costs $25 per visit and you can enjoy all of the water features as well as showers (which if you’ve been to EForest before…this is a MUST!). This can be a great way to keep cool and reset before you go into the festival for the day.

Prioritize Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Outside of what Forest can provide for you to recharge like yoga and the waterpark, you are in charge of your experience. Finding ways to keep your mindset healthy and take care of your body is important for a festival of this size. This is a festival where it’s important to treat it like a marathon and take it at your own pace. Electric Forest is a special festival that when you take care of yourself you can come back from this festival feeling recharged and revitalized. Prioritizing your own soul nourishment will ensure a magical experience for you. I’ve come to find a great way to do that is aimlessly wandering the forest and exploring all the nooks, crannies, and fairy doors you find along the way.

Gear up for your Electric Forest with lunchbox by checking out our packs that will keep you hydrated, your belongings safe, and be a nice addition to any festival fit. We can’t wait to see the lunchbox fam among the trees and the music. Stay tuned for our official meetup at Electric Forest!

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