Tomorrowland Crash Course: Tips on How to Secure Tickets & Have the Best Experience

Tomorrowland Crash Course: Tips on How to Secure Tickets & Have the Best Experience

Have you ever heard about the magic of Tomorrowland (TML for short) but thought it might not be possible for you? Have you found yourself saying, “I wish I could go,” or “I don’t know if I can figure it all out,” or “It’s too expensive”?

I felt the same way back in 2016. After watching the previous year’s aftermovie, I thought, “Wow, that’s incredible... if only.”

I came home and showed my mom the video and she said “oh are you going to that?”. I said “nahh I couldn’t”, and I shared all the aforementioned sentiments. She then channels her inner Nike and goes “Just do it who cares?”. For whatever reason, that was enough for me. My moms confidence was enough for me to go from being timid about this to “f*** it, full send baby!”.

My goal today is to give you the confidence my mom gave me. I’ll give you tips and tricks on, how to get a ticket, which one to choose, logistics, what to expect, etc. Let’s take you from being on the fence to riding the freaking rail at Tomorrowland 😎


First things first: PRE-REGISTER EARLY. Head to their website and sign up for email notifications. Pre-registration is usually between December and February.

Ticket Options

  • Full Madness Pass - this is your basic GA pass, ticket only, no camping. If you’re traveling to TML, you’re most likely not getting just the ticket, so keep reading.
    • Grants access to the festival for the entire weekend (Friday to Sunday).
    • Variants: Full Madness Pass, Full Madness Comfort Pass (includes access to Comfort (VIP) zones).
  • Day Pass - if you only wanna go for a day
    • Provides access for one day only (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday).
    • Variants: Regular Day Pass, Comfort Day Pass (includes access to Comfort (VIP) zones).
  • Global Journey Packages - this is where TML does everything for you. This is my favorite option and what I recommend to do,especially for first-timers
    • All-in-one packages that include Tomorrowland tickets, accommodation, and travel (flights, trains, or bus).
    • Perks: Exclusive access to special experiences, pre-party events, and more.
    • Types: Vary from standard travel packages to luxury experiences.
  • Friendship Travel Packages
    • Tailored for groups of friends traveling together, includes festival tickets and accommodation options.


Global Journey deserves its own section as there are a lot of elements to consider and may also be your best chance at snagging a coveted ticket to either weekend. You can choose any combination of travel elements for your package as outlined below and all come with festival tickets. But be aware that things sell out quickly so have back up options and simulate different packages ahead of time here

  • Flight Packages: My first year we did flight package and chose NYC. So they booked our flight from NYC and all we had to do was show up at JFK and they take care of the rest (airport transfers, pre/post fest experiences, tickets, and your choice of accommodation). See the current offerings here
  • Train Packages: For those traveling from within Europe, these packages include roundtrip train travel to Belgium from a city of your choosing, accommodation of your choice, daily shuttles to and from the festival, and festival tickets.  See the current offerings here
  • Bus Packages:My 2nd and 3rd year we did bus package from Amsterdam. This option gives you roundtrip bus fare from a city of your choosing, an accommodation in DreamVille, and tickets. See the current offerings here.
  • Hotel Packages: Accommodation in concept hotels, Tomorrowland Themed hotel, tiered hotels, or hostels in Brussels or Antwerp, combined with festival tickets and daily shuttles to and from the festival.  See the current offerings here


There are lots of different options on where to stay for Tomorrowland. As mentioned, many options can be booked through a Global Journey Package, or you can choose to arrange for your own accommodations if you're one of the lucky people who snag a ticket only during global sale. 


DreamVille is the umbrella term for festival camping. There are several areas within camping and I have them listed here in ascending order starting with the most basic option:

  • Magnificent Greens
    • Basic camping option where you bring your own tent.
    • Facilities: Showers, toilets, food stands, and general amenities.
  • Easy Tent 
    • Pre-pitched tents provided by Tomorrowland, available in standard and comfort versions.
    • Facilities: Includes sleeping gear (mattress, sleeping bag) and access to better sanitation facilities.
  • Spectacular 
    • Upgraded camping options with pre-set accommodations like more spacious tents, tipis, and lodges.
    • Facilities: Improved amenities and sometimes dedicated sanitary facilities.
  • Relax Room
    • Private, lockable rooms within a large tent structure.
    • Facilities: Beds, lighting, and power outlets, providing a more comfortable experience.
  • Cabanas
    • Luxurious camping option with stylish cabanas for a more upscale experience.
    • Facilities: Comfortable beds, exclusive sanitary facilities, and additional services.
  • Mansion
    • The most luxurious option at DreamVille, featuring private mansions with top-notch amenities.
    • Facilities: High-end furnishings, private bathrooms, and exclusive services.

Other Options

  • Hotels and Hostels
    • For those who prefer not to camp, numerous hotels and hostels are available in nearby cities like Antwerp and Brussels.
    • Perks: More comfort, access to city amenities, and daily shuttle services to the festival.
  • Airbnb
    • Renting a private home or apartment can offer a more personalized and comfortable stay.
    • Perks: Greater privacy, potential for closer proximity to the festival, and the option to accommodate larger groups.


    For the Festival

    1. Get a Global Journey package. You have the best chance at getting a ticket and the convenience of having different accommodations secured is worth it.
    2. Stay in DreamVille! It's on-site and easy to get in/out of the fest and there are many different camping options based on your budget. Just remember, the more upgraded camping area you choose, the closer it is to the festival entrance. But Magnificent Greens is only a 15 minute walk away so it's not too bad. 
    3. If you buy a tent from TML or if you get the Easy Tent option for example, you’re allowed to take home the themed tent you get. If that’s something you wanna travel home with, make sure to plan ahead and leave enough room in your suitcase or bring a second suitcase 😅
    4. TML has its own currency called Pearls. Since it’s a cashless event, you can load your wristband either ahead of time or at several kiosks at the festival. 
    5. It’s hot during the day and can get chillier at night. Pack a windbreaker or hoodie to stay warm.
    6. TML has free deodorant stations. Walk up to a kiosk and they’ll spray perfume or deodorant onto you so you’re smelling fresh all day.
    7. TML has portable powerbank stations. You pay a flat fee and you go back and swap for a fully charged power bank throughout the fest. If you decide to keep it, great, your deposit pays for it. If you return it, they’ll refund you a portion of what you paid initially.
    8. Lastly, once you’re at Tomorrowland, there’s no bad way to do it. Try all the food, visit every stage, meet all the people, dance til you can’t anymore. 

    For Your Trip

    1. Check your passport expiration date and ensure you renew ASAP ifneeded.
    2. Check Visa requirements depending on the countries so that you don't have any bad surprises. You can use this site for easy info based on destination.
    3. Make sure you buy an outlet adapter. Europe has a few different types of outlets so purchase one on Amazon ahead of time.
    4. Make sure you have a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees. I personally use the Chase Sapphire Preferred, but there are many options out there. Bonus if you book your TML travel on the card as you'll get some FAT points.
    5. If you’re going anywhere other than Tomorrowland, I recommend googling “free walking tours” and then type whatever city you’re in. This is usually the first thing I do when visiting a new place. 
      1. A tour guide will take you around the city and teach you some history and you can ask them for recs around the city. The tours are free but they make money from tips so make sure you bring some cash. 
      2. But this will help you make some decisions about what to do there if you don’t already have an itinerary. A local tour guide will know much more about the area than anyone else!

    I hope that this blog has 1. inspired you to go get those TML tickets if you have an itch to go and 2. gave you useful info and tips to plan for the incredible journey ahead. If you are one of the lucky people that secure a ticket, I hope you have the time of your life! And if you bring your lunchbox pack with you (which by the way is not only great for the festival but for traveling, since you know...pickpockets), tag us @lunchboxpacks on your favorite social channel so that we can follow along. 

    Live today, love tomorrow, unite forever ❤️✌️🕺🏽

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