Areas you have to visit at EDCLV 2023

Areas you have to visit at EDCLV 2023

Written by Ade Ramos (@vibewithade), lunchbox fam member

We are in the home stretch going back home to EDC! Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie to EDC Las Vegas, it is one of the most special experiences to have as a raver. For one weekend, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is transformed into a raver’s heaven with so much to see, hear, and explore.

Over the years, EDC has added more and more to the experience including some hidden and unique experiences that many might not know about. In addition to all the great music the weekend has to offer, be sure to make a little time to check out these must see areas at the festival grounds over the course of your 3 day weekend!

For the Headliners

On top of the Oasis area in Carnival Square for headliners to take a break at, EDC also offers several services to enhance the experience of attendees. For those whose devices have run out of power, check out the chargeFuze stations to juice up your phones to capture all the unforgettable memories from the weekend. There is also a General Shop for typical but necessary goodies like bandaids, hand sanitizer, hygiene products, etc., that you may have forgotten at home. Finally, for those who have opted to stay sober for the weekend, be sure to check out the Consciousness Group that acts as a sober sanctuary for those who need a space to get away and to chat with others for support.

Carnival Square

At the heart of the festival, you’ll find Carnival Square which is a great spot to relax after dancing your heart away. It’s a wonderful oasis where you can chill on bean bags to catch your breath or even catch a live performance from one of the many EDC acts. Remember, this weekend is a marathon, not a sprint so be sure to take breaks! 

After you recoup, be sure to check out the Allegiant Rave Hanger, Insomniac Passport Lounge (if you have a passport or can get a guest pass) and the many photo op areas just outside of Carnival Square. Rainbow Bazaar is a great stop if you forgot something or want a souvenir as there are a variety of rave clothing and accessory vendors.

Downtown EDC

Slightly north west of Carnival Square is Downtown EDC. It’s truly a unique place as you can not only watch a wedding, but sing karaoke, experience a silent disco, go on a dating show, AND watch a drag show! The best hidden feature of Downtown EDC is going to be the Mini Bar. Just trust us on this one. 😉You can also swing by the glitter and tattoo bar for some quick glam. Downtown EDC was moved last year in between kineticFIELD and stereoBLOOM, so be sure to look for it once the 2023 map is released.

Nomads Land

One of the least talked about areas is Nomads Land which is a “dystopian area” between kineticFIELD and wasteLAND. Here you can find art, daring performers, talented acrobats, and one of the more unique experiences: a private fancy sit down dinner and circus show. As found onTikTok at EDC 2022, you can pay for the Salvage City “Meat Circus” which includes a meal and drinks and an exclusive circus performance. Keep your eyes peeled if this experience comes back this year! 

Memory Lane & Pixel Forest

Make your walk from stage to stage more fun by strolling through Memory Lane and Pixel Forest. These immersive pathways give an incredible visual and audio experience while you make your way to your next set. Memory Lane features a time capsule of past EDCs and the Pixel Forest is a 360 experience of lights and music.

Art Cars

Even with nine official stages at EDC, there are still more places to enjoy and discover music. There are four art cars: Boombox Art Car, Forest House Art Car, Parliament Art Car, and Rynobus where you can see up and coming artists, surprise sets, and enjoy the music from a different perspective (literally on the art car)! 

Allegiant Rave Hangar was a new addition in 2022 which is the only indoor stage at EDC located near Carnival Square and stereoBLOOM. You’ll find more sets to vibe to as well as a bar and A/C. 

As you’ve gathered by now, there is so much to see and do at EDC! Once you’ve crafted your lineup for each day, fill your vacant timeslots with some adventures within the festival grounds. No need to stress over making time for all of them. But be sure to have fun, stay safe, and be present. Be sure to be on the lookout for our annual EDC lunchbox meetup on Saturday. Stay plugged into our socials @lunchboxpacks for more information. Happy EDC!

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