Michelle's Lunchbox Skin Inspired Makeup Designs & Fits

Michelle's Lunchbox Skin Inspired Makeup Designs & Fits

Written by Michelle McPherson, lunchbox fam member

Picture this: you’re dancing your way through a crowd trying to find that perfect spot to vibe to your favorite artist, when suddenly a shiny glimmer catches your eye. You quickly do a double take and you realize a stage light had perfectly lit up a rhinestone on someone’s face. The you zoom out and see that this person has the most amazing and mesmerizing makeup you’ve seen all night! You have two options at this point:

  1. Keep pushing through the crowd. It was just makeup, you’ve got a set to see….OR
  2. Stop that person dead in their tracks in the name of PLUR and say “oh my god, you look GORGEOUS!!!” and watch how that one sentence can blossom into a new friendship (choice of words can vary, as long as it’s polite and not creepy).

I, personally, always go with option 2 and here’s why.

Makeup isn’t just a way to enhance your features or to cover up a blemish – it’s a form of art and expression. For me, getting ready is the pregame for the music festival or show that I’m going to and my makeup is just as important as the outfit I’m wearing. I know that coming up with cohesive looks can be overwhelming, so I decided to take inspiration from some already amazing designs: lunchbox skins! So check out 4 of my outfit and makeup looks inspired by lunchbox skin designs, to help get your creative juices flowing. But first things first. For every look, always start with a clean face and put on sunscreen as your base. As much as we love a cute look, we love healthy skin even more. 



The Outerbloom Skin is a classic and I love how the colors bounce off of everything! I wanted my look to be simple but also make a statement, I used the ray of colors the skin has when light hits it as my inspiration. I started with a primer, added a light base on top, then I carefully placed the rhinestones on my face using tweezers and rhinestone glue. I finished with a bold lip and chose an outfit that would compliment the design, but not take away attention from the eyes. So I went with an iridescent top and bottom with a black mesh coverup.

Mystic Mushroom


Mystic Mushroom is a must have for anyone who wants to channel their inner fairy-core. For this look, I went full fairy from head to toe. I started with a bright pink blush as the base then I used a thin paint brush to draw on flowers and mushrooms to frame the face and a hint of paint on freckles (to give that innocent look). To compliment all the vegetation in this photo, I wore my favorite sheer flower set. If it looks like I should be in a children’s movie, then I succeeded. 



My favorite part about the Starlight Skin is that as I dance my heart away at a set, its appearance changes based on the lights that refract off of it. That very much reminds me of the night sky because different stars and constellations appear based on how the moon’s light is refracted. 

For this design, I took my concealer sponge, dabbed it in sparkly blue eyeshadow, then lightly applied it around my eyes in a circular motion. Using the same concealer sponge, I then filled in the empty spaces with a lighter blue and purple eyeshadow. After that, I took a sky blue liquid eyeliner to draw a wing and finished it with an arch. What really made the look was using the same blue eyeliner to draw light swirls all over my face to give it the wispy star look. Lastly I added some rhinestones so that the design twinkled. To compliment the skin and makeup design, I wore a sheer one piece with blue and purple shimmery hues and added some silver chains.

Geo Jelly

Geo Jelly is the newest lunchbox fam exclusive skin (and my current favorite skin of all time) that can only be purchased if you join the lunchbox fam facebook group! I decided to focus on the deep blue and orange hues in the design for my look, but it wouldn’t be an underwater look without some bubbles! Using a very thin paint brush and different colored liquid eyeliner, I lightly drew circles on my face and highlighted them with accent colors. To complete the look, I added some pearl rhinestones. For my outfit, I chose my favorite crop top jersey and wore my favorite shiny black shorts.

I hope these looks inspire you to pick up a brush and get to work! It certainly does take some practice, but have fun and let your expression flow! I can’t wait to see what looks you create!

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