Lightshow Fam

  • If you've ever wanted to rock multiple lightshows without dealing with several bulky battery packs this is for you! With our new splitter system, you can hook multiple lightshows up to the same power source to de-clutter your lunchbox. 

    This pack comes with 1x 4-way splitter, 1x Aurora Lightshow Wire,...

  • Splitter Length 3.8 inches
    Wire Length 2 meters
  • Are splitters compatible with all lightshows?

    Yes! You can use splitters to combine any of our lunchbox lightshow wires.

    Will connecting multiple wires shorten battery life?

    Yes, the more wires you connect to a battery-powered inverter, the quicker the batteries will die. For longer use, consider purchasing a USB adapter to plug your wires into a power bank.

    Does the lightshow come with a power source?

    No, this lightshow does not come with a battery pack or power box. You will need to have one to use the lightshow.