Lightshow Fam

If you've ever wanted to rock multiple lightshows without dealing with several bulky battery packs this is for you! With our new splitter system, you can hook multiple lightshows up to the same power source to de-clutter your lunchbox. 

This pack comes with 1x 4-way splitter, 1x Aurora Lightshow Wire, 1x Sunset Lightshow Wire, 1x Canopy Lightshow Wire, and 1x Glacier Lightshow Wire, 1x Inverter Box. 

The more lightshows connected the quicker your batteries will run out, so consider investing in a lunchbox power box for longer lasting light designs! 

*only one wire in bundle comes with inverter, can be used by all wires

Hey you, want every code on our store?

We do things a little differently around here. If we met you in the crowd at a show, we’d be sharing whatever we had with you! Right now, that means we have a little surprise for anyone who’s just meeting the lunchbox fam for the first time …

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