How to Protect Yourself From Theft

How to Protect Yourself From Theft

Theft at music festivals has become an epidemic, one lunchbox is committed to ending. While our bag is designed to give you peace of mind in crowds and help you focus on the music, there are steps you can take to better protect yourself and your experience whether or not you have a lunchbox.

1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Trained pickpockets look for people who appear lost, confused, or too out of it to notice what is happening around them. Simple things like putting your phone down or leaving your purse or backpack off to the side are easy to avoid and make theft much less likely. Pay special attention to low visibility, high contact areas like near the porta potties or in mosh pits.

2. Don’t Get Too Messed Up

Everyone wants to have a good time at a festival, but getting too out of control can put you in danger. Make sure to stay aware of your surroundings while still having a good time.

3. Never Leave Valuables In Unprotected Pockets

If you’re going to put your valuables in a pocket (there are better options than this) make sure it at least has zippers, buttons, or velcro to keep it closed.

4. Keep Your Cell Phone Secure

At a festival your phone is your lifeline, which is why you should know where it is at ALL times. That’s why lunchbox’s front phone pocket keeps your phone in your line of sight, easily accessible, and secure to your body at all times.

5. Keep Your Wallet/ID/Credit Cards/Cash Somewhere Hard To Reach

First off, you should never have too much cash on you at a festival. Secondly, make sure your wallet, credit card, cash and more are somewhere hard to reach, preferably buried under bulky, less valuable essentials like a pashmina. Make sure to check throughout the day that you still have these items.

6. Lock Or Clip Your Zippers Together For Extra Security

Next to unguarded pockets the biggest theft risk at a festival is unsecured external zippers. While you’re immersed in the experience people can bump into you in a crowd, unzip your pocket, and quickly get away with your stuff. Try using a TSA or combination lock. Or you could use a lunchbox, which comes with built in clips for all external zippers.

7. Watch Out For Each Other

If you’re with a group of friends make sure to keep an eye out for other people. Warn them if they’re engaging in a behavior that is likely to make them a target of theft. It’s important that you go to festivals with people you are comfortable with. If you ever need a rave fam, the lunchbox fam is always here for you and happy to have you festival with us. 

8. Trust Your Gut

If something is making you uncomfortable or giving you a bad feeling, trust yourself and get yourself out of that situation. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Some Extra Tips:
- Set your cell phone number and a friend’s contact information as your lock screen in case you lose your phone
- ALWAYS backup your phone to the cloud or your computer before a festival
- Make sure you have a passcode to get into your phone turned on!
- Memorize at least one person’s phone number (or write it on your wrist or a piece of paper) so you can call someone if you get lost

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