The Ultimate EDC Las Vegas Prep Checklist

The Ultimate EDC Las Vegas Prep Checklist

Written by Ade Ramos (@VibeWithAde)

EDC Las Vegas is the Super Bowl for ravers and festival goers. A nonstop dance party at the Las Vegas Speedway which calls for some serious preparation. Make sure you’re ready for the experience of a lifetime with our Ultimate EDC Las Vegas Prep Checklist. Let's get prepped for your weekend under the Electric Sky!


Travel & Accommodations

Double and triple-check your travel and accommodations for EDC Las Vegas. Whether you’re flying or driving to Vegas, verify your plans to ensure a safe arrival. Confirm your hotel and Airbnb bookings to be safe as there have been horror stories of last-minute cancellations. If you’re camping, start assembling your list of things you’ll need forCampEDC. Gather any essential passes you need to get to and from the Speedway like a parking or shuttle pass. Finally, purchase anyfinal accommodations for EDC like lockers, dinner passes, bottle service, etc. 


Credit: Insomniac

EDC can be a pretty expensive trip depending on the type of trip you’re looking for. Begin budgeting the moment you start planning for EDC Las Vegas. Putting aside a few extra dollars a week can serve you best with how expensive Vegas pricing can be. If you’re staying on the strip and eating out for meals or attending day or nightclubs, you can rack up an expensive bill. At the festival itself, you’ll deal with festival pricing for food and drinks. You can do EDC on the cheaper side, you just have to be mindful of your spending. Saving up and budgeting can allow you to spend a little more comfortably while at EDC Las Vegas.

Life Things

There are some life things that people sometimes forget to do, yet can be super beneficial for when you return from EDC Las Vegas. It can be an exhausting festival to come back from so you want your to-do list to be manageable and light for when you return. Request extra days off of work to give yourself room to recover. Iron out any school or work responsibilities before you leave and don’t procrastinate. Clean your house or apartment so you come home to a clean space. Run any final errands that would feel really good to complete before you go to EDC. 

What to Pack

Look at Website

Before you start packing, make sure you double-check the website for what’s allowed and not allowed at EDC Las Vegas. If you are doing CampEDC, there is a separate list of what’s allowed and not allowed. This can help when it comes to packing. For a full packing list to help you pack, check out thispacking list from Vibe With Ade. You’ll mainly want to think about the clothes and items you’ll need for the festival and then other clothes and essentials for outside of the festival. For example, if you’re going to a nightclub on the strip during EDC Week, you’ll pack a club outfit that matches the dress code.


When it comes to what to wear at EDC Las Vegas, you can go all out in your best rave outfits. The key thing is to wear what you feel comfortable in and how you want to express yourself. Pack your kandi as the kandi culture is strong at EDC. Comfortable shoes are essential as it is a lot of walking and dancing. The weather can vary year after year. Keep an eye on the forecast leading up in case it is hot during the day and cold at night. Pack and prepare for any weather situation and sometimes a locker can be helpful just in case.

Health & Wellness

EDC is a marathon, not a sprint. Taking care of yourself leading up to the festival can ensure your survival of it. Remaining active with your body and doing things like stretching, walking, and working out can help keep you limber. Making sure you’re staying hydrated and nourishing your body can support your festival prep as well. Your sleep schedule will be affected during EDC so it’s important to make sure you get enough sleep in the days leading up to AND after the festival. Finally, prioritize boosting your immunity to prevent you from getting sick after EDC.

Plan Your EDC Schedule

One of the more exciting prep checklist items is to plan your EDC schedule when the set times drop. You can usually find these on the Insomniac app when the set times are released. It can be super overwhelming with lots of stages and sets to check out. Pick some of those main artists that you want to see and plan out your schedule for the weekend. Also, find some space in your schedule to roam and explore EDC as there is so much to see and do. Don’t stress too much about set conflicts as sometimes you follow the vibes and see where they take you.

Intention Setting

The final preparation you can do for EDC Las Vegas is to set your intentions before you leave for the festival. Setting your intentions allows you to align with what you want to get out of your EDC experience. You can check out our full blog post about setting intentions to get your vibes and energy right before you embark on the weekend of a lifetime.

We hope you have the best time at EDC Las Vegas. Make sure you’re prepped with our packs and accessories to have fun and keep your stuff safe while there. Keep an eye on our socials for an official lunchbox meetup at EDC Las Vegas. We’ll see you out there on the speedway!

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