10 Pro Tips for Your Next Festival

10 Pro Tips for Your Next Festival

Written by Ade Ramos (@vibewithade), lunchbox fam member

Don’t go into your next festival blind! Here are 10 tips to prepare for your next festival so that you can have the best experience and peace of mind. You can thank us later.

1. Confirm Final Logistics

Ensure you have everything ready to go for your next festival. Confirm where you’re staying whether it’s a hotel, Airbnb, camping, or with a friend. Decide if you're driving your own car, renting a car, or taking a ride share so that you can figure out logistics like parking, shuttle pickups, etc. Of course make sure you have your tickets and wristbands handy or a plan to secure them.

2. Eat, Sleep, Hydrate, Repeat

This is the motto for before, during, and after the festival you attend. You need to make sure you eat enough food, get enough sleep, and stay hydrated. This will keep you going all day and night as well as can keep you from getting sick during or after. You can also throw in taking vitamins to boost your immunity as well.

3. Must Have Items

What to bring to a festival can vary person to person. These are some of the core items I recommend bringing: 

  • Wallet & ID
  • Lunchbox Hydration Pack, Sling Pack, or Snack Pack to store all your belongings safely
  • Earplugs
  • Phone & external battery pack, like a Powerbox
  • Mask (for dusty & dirt terrain venues)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Baby wipes (you never know with those porta pottys)

Some other bonus items to bring:

  • Fan 
  • Kandi and/or toys to give out
  • Raveraide hydration sticks
  • Rave Rollers essential oils
  • Boom Boom sticks

4. Get There Early, Leave Early

Arriving early to the festival allows you to ease into the festival experience so that you can get situated and familiar with the festival grounds at the start. You can also see up and coming artists earlier and discover new artists. Similarly, leaving slightly early (like 10-15 minutes) will give you a head start at beating traffic if you’re driving, taking shuttles, or calling an Uber. 

5. Festival Grounds Landmarks

As you walk the festival grounds, pinpoint some of they key areas outside of the stages. It’s best to know where water stations, merch, medical tents, and info/help areas are. Some festivals also offer areas to decompress and chill if you’re having an overwhelming time which is helpful to know. As you identify these places, choose a meeting spot for your group in case you get separated from each other. and there's no phone signal. 

 *Bonus tip: time stamp your text messages in case cell service is spotty. “10:15 at the meeting spot” can save you from running around the festival trying to find your friends.*

6. Swiper, No Swiping

Theft is on the rise at festivals with thieves stealing phones, wallets, and other personal items. Getting a locker is always clutch, but it’s also important to invest in products with anti-theft in mind. The Lunchbox Hydration PackSling Pack, or Snack Pack are designed to keep your stuff safe by making it difficult for thieves to snatch your items as they are equipped with zipper clips, inverted zippers, and cut-proof material. Stay aware of your surroundings and say something if you see something.

7. Have Some Must See Artists to See, But Go With the Flow

It can be overwhelming to choose who to see at a festival. Before the festival, make a list in your notes app or in the festival app (if they have one) of the artists you definitely want to see. Leave some flexibility in your schedule to explore other stages or artists and let the vibes take you away.

8. Marathon, Not a Sprint

Festival weekend warriors will tell you this to go at your own pace. Especially for 3 day or 4 day festivals, you don’t want to burn yourself out on the first day. Take care of yourself by making sure you’re eating full meals, staying hydrated, and taking breaks throughout the weekend. 

 *Bonus tip: stretching before a festival day, during a break, and after a festival feels so good on the body.*

9. You Can Only Do So Much to Prepare, Things Might Go “Wrong”

As much as you plan ahead and prepare beforehand, things might still go wrong throughout your festival weekend. Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure by having super high expectations and the experience not living up to it. Set intentions prior to your festival that you will try to have the best experience, but you’re along for the ride. You can handle any challenge thrown your way during your festival weekend.

10. Be Present, Have FUN

All in all, these tips are just recommendations. Take what resonates with you and your festival experience. At the end of the day, make sure you soak up all of the music, good vibes, and memories made. Have the best time and be present throughout!


We hope these tips keep you dancing, having fun, and staying safe at your next festival. Tag us in a photo of you sporting your Lunchbox Pack at your next festival using @lunchboxpacks!

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