5 Ways Festival Cruises Differ From Other Festivals

5 Ways Festival Cruises Differ From Other Festivals

Written by Ade Ramos (@VibeWithAde)

I’ve been to many festivals in my life and hands down my favorite festival weekends ever were aboard a cruise ship. I’ve attended Holy Ship 2019 and now Groove Cruise 2024 and festival cruises remain to be the most fun I’ve ever had within a festival experience. For a weekend getaway, you’re immersed in a world filled with music, good vibes, adventure, and more. If you’ve had your eyes set on attending  Groove Cruise,EDSEA, orFriendship one day, here are 5 key ways that festival cruises differ from other music festivals!

1. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

One of the best things about festival cruise experiences is that everything is housed within the cruise ship. You feel immersed in the festival experience where you can choose your own adventure depending on what you need. You can grab some breakfast and go enjoy a set on the main pool deck. Take a quick disco nap when you need it and enjoy the amenities on the cruise ship. Most of these cruises also dock off on an island for a day for a private island party in the Carribean which can be a ton of fun. Festival cruises are a marathon so it’s best to pace yourself throughout the weekend to eat, sleep, hydrate, rave, and repeat.

2. Nonstop Music

The music never stops aboard these festival cruise ship experiences. With around-the-clock sets at multiple stages, you have the ability to see your favorite artists as well as explore different artists. The beauty of having all of your favorite artists on the ship is they’ll sometimes do surprise b2bs. I witnessed a surprise Tchami b2b Zhu set on Holy Ship 2019 and a surprise Kyle Walker b2b Deeper Purpose b2b Max Styler b2b Ragner Truggo set on Groove Cruise 2024. I’ve discovered some of my favorite artists while on the cruise that I’ve continued to listen to.

Also because everyone is on the ship together, you have chances to meet your favorite artist as you’re walking around the ship. The most special sets are the sunset and sunrise sets if you can catch those. Nothing like being in the middle of the ocean with some vibey music and a beautiful sunrise or sunset to match it.

3. Excursions and Activities

On top of the music-packed schedule, there are also a lot of activities scheduled and excursions depending on where the cruise ship stops. You could do yoga with your favorite artist or even do a bar hop with them. Some activities and excursions you pre-book ahead of the cruise so make sure you keep an eye out so you don’t miss out on these experiences. It really can add to the experience on top of the music.

Another fun aspect is that the cruise ship has themed day and night for you to coordinate outfits with. This adds a fun dynamic as almost everyone dresses up and makes packing much easier. You can expect a wide variety of themes like animals, decades, cartoons, and more. 

4. The Community and The Vibes

One key thing that you can feel the moment you get to the port of the cruise ship is the community. Everyone brings the best energy and vibes. Veterans are super welcoming to newbies and everyone is just wanting to have a great time. You don’t get that from your average festival. Attendees decorate their doors, bring Kandi or little gifts to hand out, and genuinely look out for one another.

There are also activities aboard for you to meet similar attendees in other communities you identify with like veteran meetups, newbie meetups, LGBTQ+ meetups, or even speed dating for you to find your rave bae. I have met so many incredible people that I’ve remained friends with from being a part of this experience.

5. The Cruise Ship

Finally, your humble abode itself while you're on board makes the experience extra special and unique. The cruise ship and staff make the experience what it is. There is so much to explore on the ship depending on the cruise line you have. You can play in the casino, get a massage, play some laser tag, and have a fancy meal aboard. The ship is your playground for the weekend where you can have fun, relax, and enjoy yourself throughout your time there.

The staff also tries to be a part of your experience and also bring the good vibes to accompany the festival. I you’re worried about getting seasick, there are plenty of remedies for this like patches and over-the-counter medications like Dramamine. I’ve been on three cruises now and haven’t experienced seasickness thankfully, but I have known others who packed to be prepared for it. 

All in all, you won't regret adding a festival cruise ship to your festival bucket list! Stay tuned to our blog for breakdowns of popular festival cruises like Groove Cruise, EDSEA, and Friendship so you can book your next sailing ASAP!

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