How to Pack Your Clear Hydration Pack for a Festival

How to Pack Your Clear Hydration Pack for a Festival

Looking for ways to maximize your storage in your Clear Hydration Pack? I got you fam! 

My hydration pack is my trusty companion not only when I head to a festival, but also when I travel, spend a day at a theme park, or go on outdoor adventures. But when I attend any multi-day music festival, I ALWAYS pack all of my essentials (and then some) to ensure that I have the best experience possible. 

Top Compartment


This is where I keep all of my valuables. In the zippered pocket, I keep my wallet and gum. In the main pocket, I have:

  • Powerbox external battery
  • Charging cables
  • Diffraction glasses
  • Kaleidoscope glasses

Don’t forget to clip the zippers together when finished!

Bottom Compartment

Behind where the water bladder sits, you’ll find a black hook. I attach my keys to this hook so that they’re buried deep in this compartment and won’t accidentally fall out when opening my pack.

After putting the water bladder back in, I put a folded light jacket on top of it to maximize the storage space.



When going through security, I recommend folding or rolling your skin and placing it in the side pocket or one of the main compartments so that all compartments are fully visible when security does their inspection. Once through security, I typically fold my pashmina and place it between the skin and pack since it’s thin, then zip my skin back on. On the side of the pack, I’ll slide my fan into the pocket making sure it goes through the elastic strap then into the pocket for extra security.

Then on the side of the pack with the shoulder straps, I’ll put my sunglasses in one of the stretchable mesh pockets, then chapstick and a menthol inhaler in the other. You can of course put your phone in one of the pockets as well. Make sure you pre-stretch the pocket as needed to accommodate your phone if it’s on the larger side.

Lastly, I clip my kandi on one strap where the thin elastic band is and then hook my ear plugs case on the other.

The beauty of our packs is that they can accommodate a variety of goodies for all types of use cases. How do you pack your pack? Tag us on social @lunchboxpacks to give the fam your tips or share in our facebook group

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