European Music Festival Itinerary: Fall Edition

European Music Festival Itinerary: Fall Edition

Written by Charlotte Houareau (@thenittygrittyguide)

As the summer glow gives way to autumn's crispness, it ushers in a season of electric energy and vibrant music festivals across Europe. As a dedicated festival enthusiast, I know this is when the magic truly happens. I invite you to join me on an exhilarating journey through Europe's heart-thumping electronic music scene.

This adventure is more than just about music—it's about soaking in diverse cultures, indulging in unforgettable experiences, and forming bonds with fellow music lovers. Our trip will take us from the pulsating streets of Berlin to the romantic backdrop of Paris, from the sun-kissed beaches of Cyprus to the enchanting landscapes of Scotland, and ultimately to the throbbing heart of Germany's winter music festival scene.

So, get ready to dance, explore, and lose yourself in the hypnotic rhythm of the beats. Each festival will be a unique chapter in our autumn-winter story, echoing with the pulsating energy of thousands of music lovers dancing in unison. If you're ready to create memories that will last a lifetime, then come along, as we embark on this journey through the captivating beats of these iconic Autumn European music festivals.

Dream Nation

September 16-17, 2023 // Paris, France

Next, we journey to the city of love, Paris. Here, the Dream Nation Festival transforms the city with a love for rhythm and beats. Picture dancing under the night sky with the Eiffel Tower glittering in the distance while listening to the thrilling sounds of artists such as Nina Kraviz, Zeds Dead, Wilkinson, Miss K8, and many more. The electric atmosphere, the collective joy of the crowd, and the iconic Parisian backdrop make this an unforgettable stop on our autumn music festival itinerary. Make your dreams come true with GA tickets starting from €61.90 (approximately $69). Website here.


September 22-24, 2023 // Larnaca, Cyprus

Our next destination, the enchanting island of Cyprus, is home to the BEON1X festival, a hidden gem amongst European music festivals. Where the rhythm of electronic beats melds with the rhythm of the sea, performances from artists such as ANNA, Black Coffee, Innellea, Maceo Plex, Paul Kalkbrenner, and more, create a paradise for every music lover. The warm sand beneath your feet and the salty sea air combine with hypnotic music to create a world of its own. Start your journey here with GA tickets available from €150 (approximately $165). Website here.

Amsterdam Dance Event

October 18-22, 2023 // Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our voyage then takes us to the charming city of Amsterdam, home to the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). This five-day city-wide celebration of electronic music showcases the performances of over 2,500 artists across numerous unique events. Every corner of this beautiful city transforms into a dynamic stage for electronic music. As autumn leaves fall, the beats rise, echoing through the labyrinth of canals and cobblestone streets. Amidst the rich heritage of the city, a new tale is written - a tale of rhythm, energy, and connection that makes ADE a shining jewel in the crown of European music festivals. It's important to note that ADE is a citywide festival with each event ticketed separately, allowing you to curate your own unique music experience. So make sure to check out the lineup and secure your tickets for each show you plan to attend. Website here.

Terminal V Halloween

October 27-29, 2023 // Edinburgh, Scotland

Our tour takes us next to the picturesque city of Edinburgh, Scotland, where the Terminal V Halloween festival merges ancient folklore with modern beats. As autumn's chill becomes more pronounced, the festival's dynamic energy, fueled by artists such as I Hate Model, Nina Kraviz, 999999999, Pan-Pot, and many more, turn up the heat. Set against the backdrop of Edinburgh's haunting beauty, the music takes on a life of its own, adding an extra layer of mystery to the Halloween festivities. Wrap yourself in the rhythm and revelry with GA tickets starting at £146 (approximately $186). Website here

Time Warp Two Days/Two Stages

November 3-4, 2023 // Mannheim, Germany

As our journey nears its end, we find ourselves in Mannheim, Germany, ready to step into the legendary Time Warp festival. Just as winter begins to cloak the city, Time Warp ignites the scene, transforming the chill into an electric charge that courses through the heart of every festival-goer. The performance lineup includes artists like Adam Beyer, Deborah De Luca, Artbat, Anetha, and more, whose thumping techno beats create a world that operates on its own rhythm. Time Warp, with its infectious energy and immersive atmosphere, provides a compelling winter music festival finale to our musical odyssey. Join the finale with GA tickets starting at €109 (approximately $119). Website here.

So, there you have it! This music festival guide is your ticket to a unique journey through Europe's vibrant music scene, from the heart of autumn to the beginning of winter. Each festival is a world of its own, each city an adventure. So pack your bags, get ready to dance, and join me on this incredible journey.

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