Tips For Planning Your EDC Las Vegas Travel Logistics & Activities

Tips For Planning Your EDC Las Vegas Travel Logistics & Activities

You’ve probably seen a bunch of tips about how to make the most of your EDCLV experience inside the festival grounds, but have you thought about all the logistical pieces surrounding your weekend in edm wonderland? The lunchbox team has put our brains together to give you a comprehensive guide on everything from transportation to lodging and even EDC week.



Fortunately Harry Reid Airport is pretty easy to navigate as there are 2 main terminals and an internal rail system that connects the airport. 

If you’re doing rideshare make sure you request for the right terminal and follow the signs when you’re exiting the baggage claim. For terminal 1, stay on the second level and cross the footbridge to the parking garage. For terminal 3, it’s slightly more complex as you’ll want to walk through baggage claim, take an escalator up to level 1, cross the footbridge to the parking garage, then take the elevator or walk up the stairs one level to the “Valet” level.

If you have someone picking you up, follow the signs in either terminal for “passenger pickup” as you’ll still cross over the footbridge to the parking garage area. You’ll know you’re in the right spot as you’ll see numbered concrete poles. Our advice is to go as far right as you can to a higher number as there are usually less cars toward the end of the pickup area. 


There are a few different ways to get to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the venue where EDC is held. It’s in the far north east part of Vegas and is somewhat remote so keep that in mind. You can find EDC’s full guidelines on parking and drop-offs here. Below are the highlights.


EDC offers various round trip shuttles that pick up and drop off around the city. A 3 day round trip pass costs $129 + taxes/fees and can be purchased here. 


  • Pick up and drop off locations throughout the city
  • Not having to worry about traffic as the shuttles cut through Nellis Air Force Base and has a straight shot into the venue so you’ll avoid the traffic on highway 15
  • Not needing a designated driver 


  • The cost
  • You will have to wait for the shuttles to arrive. It’s not as bad when you’re heading to the venue, but it can be rough after a day of dancing your heart away. Depending on what time you leave the venue, the late night / early morning weather has been known to be very windy and chilly. So bring a jacket! 


If renting a car or carpooling with locals, you have a few options to consider. GA Parking is free and there is an option to pay for Premiere Parking for $150 + taxes/fees for all 3 days (no matter how many people are in your vehicle). There is also a free ADA dedicated parking lot for those with an appropriate placard or license plate. 


  • Free or lower cost (that you can split with your rave fam)
  • Arrive and leave at your leisure
  • Premier Parking uses a separate exit on highway 15 and is a separate lot from GA, so there is significantly less traffic in and out. It’s also a pretty short walk into the festival grounds. 
  • You can store some water/snacks in your car for after the fest in case you’re hungry or thirsty and a change of clothes so that your commute is comfy 


  • Potential for traffic in and out. The later you arrive or leave, the more traffic there will likely be
  • Need to have a designated driver 


We don’t recommend this option as wait times will likely be longer and prices will be higher due to very high demand. All rideshare, taxi, and general drop-offs and pickups are at the Mid-Brown Lot.


  • Don’t need a designated driver
  • Leave as you desire


  • It’s usually quite expensive given the limited availability and far distance from the main parts of Vegas
  • Ride availability is typically limited due to high demand
  • Cell service isn’t always the greatest so it may be difficult to book a ride


For those that want a unique experience into the festival, you can consider a helicopter ride through Maverick that takes you from the strip to EDC.


  • No traffic and a separate entrance into the fest
  • Unique aerial experience to see EDC from above


  • Rates start at $650+ for a one-way 15 min flight or $950+ for round trip


Camp EDC 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Camp EDC! Camp is an awesome way to immerse yourself in the magic of EDC Las Vegas for 4 days. There are endless activities, artist sets, pool parties, food and drink options, vendors, and so much more. There are definitely some tips you should know however before camping here for the first time. Let’s break them down:

  1. Don’t stress about what time you’re making it into camp on Thursday. A lot of people think that because they arrive earlier, they’ll get a more ideal tent spot. The truth is that these sections get filled out randomly. You’re not going to be closer to the mesa or the festival entrance because you got there right when it opened. I would say, however, that the best time to avoid is late morning. This is when the check-in lines tend to get very long and the heat does not make it an enjoyable experience.
  2. Going off of the last part of tip #1: Make sure you are fully fed, hydrated, and protected from the sun before checking into camp! When the lines get long and it is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke becomes a risk. Many people do not think of this before heading over. I’ve seen people finally make it to their tent with nasty sunburns, severe dehydration, or worse; they’ve had to stop by the medical area because they almost fainted while waiting. Eat a good meal beforehand and make sure you’re wearing sunscreen.
  3. Bring not 1, but 2 tent locks – and make sure everyone in your tent knows the passcode! Each ShiftPod has two entrances to it. Even though EDC is a friendly environment, you can never be too safe with protecting your belongings while you’re away from the tent. Write the passcode down in your phone somewhere. If it’s a key lock, make sure your group is staying organized with who has the key at what time.
  4. Prepare for zero cell service. Not only is this an issue inside the festival, but within the campgrounds as well. Plan your meetup spots ahead of time! This also means organizing where and when you are going to meet within camp each day to head into the festival. It is often near impossible to send texts throughout the weekend.
  5. Make your sleeping arrangement extra comfortable. EDCLV is one of the most physically draining festivals out there because of its massive geography and long hours. You want to ensure that you’re getting the rest you need in between each night. Because the sun rises by the end of the festival and artists go on to play afterparties in the mesa, you’ll want to bring both an eye mask and earplugs to try and get some sleep. If you’re staying in a tent, make sure you have a comfortable “bed” to sleep on whether it be an air mattress or a sleeping pad.
  6. If you need help, go to your nearest camp counselors! Camp EDC has staff on site at various locations that are trained to help you in different situations. If you need help with anything from needing a bandaid to having a major tent or RV malfunction, they are there to assist you. 

Above all, take full advantage of disconnecting for the weekend and immersing yourself in the magic of EDC. There is truly no other camping experience like this one.

Las Vegas Strip

If you're looking for the infamous Vegas experience, you'll probably find yourself gravitating towards The Strip. It offers a variety of nightclubs, dayclubs, spas, restaurants & more for your convenience. It's also home to many of the events taking place during EDC Week. Most EDC shuttles are located within walking distance on the Las Vegas Strip, so don't stress too much. We put together a list that might help you decide where to stay based on your budget. 

  • Luxury & Higher End
    • Wynn & Encore - Home to XS Night Club & Encore Beach Club
    • The Venetian & Palazzo - Home to Tao Day & Night Club
    • Resorts World - Home to the first Hotel EDC and Ayu Day Club & Zouk Night Club
    • Caesar’s Palace - Home to Omnia Night Club
    • Bellagio 
    • Aria - Home to Jewel Night Club
    • Cosmopolitan - Home to Marquee Day & Night Club
    • MGM Grand - Home to Wet Republic Day Club & Hakkasan Night Club
    • Mandalay Bay - Home to Daylight Beach Club & Light Night Club
  • Budget Friendly but Still Convenient 
    • The Strat - North end of the strip and recently renovated
    • Circus Circus - Cheap rooms that come with an interesting ambience
    • Sahara - Recently renovated and rebranded & home to Azilo Ultra Pool
    • Palace Station - A local’s choice just off the strip that’s recently renovated
    • Treasure Island - FREEEEE PARKING
    • The Palms- Just off the strip but under new management and nice rooms
    • Flamingo - Fun times at the Go Pool
    • Excalibur- Further down south on the strip

Downtown/Fremont St

Known for its history and as the original Vegas Strip, Fremont provides a more local and likely more cost effective stay for EDC. If you choose this area, you'll be happy to find that you avoid a ton of the heavy traffic en route to the Speedway, along with shorter shuttle lines (a dream). Here are our recommendations: 

  • Golden Nugget -  Located in the very center of Downtown Las Vegas and an EDC Shuttle location. It features a beautiful pool complex and even has a shark tank! 
  • Circa - Located in the heart of Old Las Vegas, just steps away from the Fremont Street experience. It recently opened in 2020, so the amenities are modern and updated.
  • The D - Located on Fremont Street. This is definitely one of the most popular stays in Old Las Vegas, so it's best to book early.

EDC Week

EDC Week is known for its infamous pool parties and nightclubs that build up the anticipation for EDC Las Vegas each year. It's a chance to see some of your favorite dj’s in a more up-close and intimate setting before they hit one of the stages at the Speedway. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you plan on attending the events of EDC Week.

  • Purchase Tickets Early - A majority of the people in Vegas that week are usually there for EDC– so, that means the demand for EDC Week events are HIGH. Secure your ticket as soon as possible to avoid paying higher tiered prices. 
  • Plan: EDC Week features a variety of events and genres, so it's important to plan out which you want to attend, where they are located in reference to where you're staying, and setting up transportation to/from the events.
  • Take Breaks: As much as I would love to tell you to go to as many events as possible, you will simply end up burning yourself out! Don't make the mistake of partying too hard during EDC Week that you're exhausted by day 1 of EDC. 
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: As tempting as it is to want to wear heels to a pool party or nightclub, think about the weekend you're about to have. Save your feet– wear a nice pair of sandals instead.

The 2023 EDC Week event calendar was just released and it's loaded with incredible shows.

Events start on Wednesday, May 17th, and end on Tuesday, May 23rd. As much as we wish we could attend each pool party and nightclub, it sadly isn't possible. Here are some events that we highly recommend attending during EDC Week:

  • 5/17 John Summit @ Marquee Dayclub: If you're looking to start your week off with a bender, this is the place for you. Marquee Dayclub is located at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. 
  • 5/18 Bassrush Pool Party @ Daylight Beach Club: To our dubstep lovers, this show is for you! The lineup is stacked with sets from Sullivan King, Riot Ten, Eptic, Barely Alive & more! It is located at the Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip.
  • 5/18 Lost in Dreams Night Swim @ Daylight Beach Club: After the Bassrush Pool Party, stick around at the Mandalay Bay for this night show! The lineup features Kaivon, ARMNHMR, Blanke, Pauline Herr, and Tsu Nami.
  • 5/19 Steve Aoki Presents Dim Mak Takeover @ Wet Republic: If you're looking for something to do before Day 1 of EDC, I can only imagine what Aoki is planning with this show. The lineup is TBA, but I’m sure it’ll be stacked with iconic sets. Wet Republic is located at MGM Grand Resort.
  • 5/20 Day Trip Pool Party @ Daylight Beach Club: This pool party is a house-head’s dream. The lineup features Sonny Fodera, Dombresky, Biscuits & more! 
  • 5/21 Nora En Pure @ Marquee Dayclub: If you're looking for the perfect spiritual vibe to start Day 3, this is the place. I can't imagine a better way to spend my Sunday morning. 

Whatever you end up doing, I’m sure you'll have an awesome time. Just remember to secure your tickets and plan everything accordingly to guarantee a stress free experience! Oh, and make sure to bring us along with you and HYDRATE. Did we mention how good a Clear Snack Pack would look as your accessory to a pool party!? Let us know if you end up at any of these events and tag @lunchboxpacks on socials! 

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