5 EDC Las Vegas Fits to Match Your Favorite Lunchbox Skins

5 EDC Las Vegas Fits to Match Your Favorite Lunchbox Skins

Written by Michelle McPherson (@glitter_inmyeye), lunchbox fam

The results are in, and the people have voted! Random outfits to raves are out, and head-to-toe matching fits are in! EDC is a three-day fest, but what about the pre-parties? Get ready with me as I plan five outfits for EDC Las Vegas 2024 featuring outfits that match my favorite Lunchbox Hydration Pack skins! 

This year’s EDC theme is #kineticCircle, and instead of taking it too literally, and wearing polka dots every day, we’re going abstract. What do we think about applying the circle theme to different living aspects of Earth? Sounds pretty cool right? Time to tune in to your inner naturalist!


@glitter_inmyeye Love a good outfit to match my Lunchbox skin, don’t you??? #lunchboxfam #ravetok #blackgirlravers #edmtiktok #edclasvegas @lunchboxpacks ♬ оригинальный звук - Electronicdancemusic®



I’m taking the Balance  skin as the classic yin and yang representation. We are going full black and white with this look. I searched high and low to find the perfect two-piece bikini set that would match the contrasting vibe I was looking for. The black mesh wrap skirt, with the white leg warmers….chef’s kiss. The jewel-studded black gloves complement the whole look, if I may say so myself. 


I’m pairing the swirls of theTundra skin with an underwater-themed outfit. The pearl embroidered bra with dangling pearls screams mermaid and the purple iridescent bottoms perfectly complete the look. 


My whole rave fam, knows I’m a die-hard Dabin fan, so you can catch me at the rail this EDC sporting my new favorite skin,  Alive, singing and crying my heart out. I’m pairing my skin with my Dabin jersey overlaying a black mesh starry bralette with sparkly star pasties. I’m pulling out the high-waisted black iridescent shorts to match the immaculate vibes on top.

How does this tie in with the theme you may ask? Dabin is the first EDM artist whose songs spoke to me on a deep level. Listening to his sets brings me back to reality, that life is truly amazing and the best is yet to come. What’s more living than our current life right now?

Mosaic Mushroom 

Although we are taking the EDC theme as non-literal, we are taking theMosaic Mushroom theme very literally by becoming a human mushroom! I’m excited to rock my custom-made Mushroom top with my swirl skort to EDC this year. To finish the look, let’s add ivy-intertwined leg wraps. Do I look like I’m growing from the ground? 

Dub Dino

We are going full circle (did you see what I did there?) by going to both the start and death of civilization... Dino days. With the Dub Dino skin, what better way than to pair it with an oozing lava one-piece with my black mesh wrap skirt? It’s giving…hot and deadly.

From all my fits, I’ve encompassed the theme of kineticCircle in a fun and unique way! From the birth of civilizations to the spiritual aspect…it is a…Kinetic Circle lol. I can’t wait to see what everyone wears to EDC this year! Remember that at the end of the day, wear what is comfortable and what best represents you! You are uniquely you and wonderfully made! Don’t forget to tag us in all of your EDC fit posts! I’ll see you at the next Lunchbox Fam Meetup! Toodles! -xoxo Michelle

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