Alexa's DIY Skin Patch & Pin Creation

Alexa's DIY Skin Patch & Pin Creation

Written by Alexa Haniff-Riccio, lunchbox fam member

Hey Lunchbox Fam! My name is Alexa and I am going to share my DIY skin creation with you! I got my Lunchbox in 2019 and it was the black pack with the plain black skin. At the time I wasn’t really sure how exactly I wanted to customize it, but I knew I wanted to do something a little different than most, and thus I decided to go the patch route! I had this idea to create a custom patch of the Illenium phoenix with hotdogs as the background. I know you probably are thinking, “Hotdogs? That’s a little odd and not rave related?”, so here is the cliff notes version of the Hotdog significance story. I had a horse who everyone called Hotdog, and before every show when I was getting him ready I would play the Illenium remix of “Don’t Let Me Down” and he never did! I won more with Hotdog than any horse I had had before.  In 2018 I had to sadly put him down so the patch was an ode to him. 

I had collected a few patches from EDC, Ultra and Lost Lands, as well as from a few artist merch drops and thus my skin was ready to design!  Next, I had to figure out the best way to attach the patches to the skin of the Lunchbox. After some deliberation I decided to sew the patches on. At this point I was readily and excitedly packing for Ultra Miami and looking forward to trying out my Lunchbox for the first time…and then COVID happened followed by all the festival cancellations. 

I collected a few pins during that time from various artist merch drops but didn’t really add anything to my pack just yet. Fast forward a year, and festivals were back on so off I went! I tried to get either a patch or a pin at any festival I attended to add to my pack! Over that year I gathered a patch from Dirtybird Campinn, and pins from Ubbi Dubbi, Forbidden Kingdom, Sunset Music Festival, EDC, Illenium Trilogy and Illenium at Red Rocks. All of which I added to my pack! Word of advice to anyone putting pins on your pack is to invest in locking pin backs! You can thank me later! I also decided to tie all of my festival wristbands to the top of my pack! I personally like the look and it is also a great conversation starter and way to meet people who attended some of the same festivals! Currently my Lunchbox skin is full of patches, pins and festival bands! I am about to run out of space, but looking forward to adding more!

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