How to Change Skins on Your Lunchbox Hydration Pack

How to Change Skins on Your Lunchbox Hydration Pack

Written By Lauren Hutzel (@Lauren_Hutzel)

With every festival comes a different vibe, a different outfit, and a need for different accessories to compliment that outfit. A perfect accessory for any festival, any outfit, and any Lunchbox Hydration Pack is our incredible line of interchangeable skins! If you’re new to the Lunchbox Fam and our community, here is a quick guide on how you can easily change out the skins.


Start by unzipping the original black Lunchbox logo skin that comes attached to every bag. Once unzipped and removed from the bag, line up the teeth that are attached to the bag with the slider (aka zipper) and fasten the skin all the way around until the skin is locked in place. 

The beautiful part about the Lunchbox fam is that no 2 Lunchbox’s are alike; we love to see all of the different ways in which our community expresses themselves through their designs and skin creations!

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