How to Choose Your Lunchbox Pack

How to Choose Your Lunchbox Pack

No matter how much you plan ahead for live events, there are unfortunately many factors that are out of your control that can put a damper on your experience. You’ve seen it plastered all over social media and the news: strict bag policies, long water lines, and theft. Fortunately, Lunchbox has a stacked lineup of packs that have become reliable companions for thousands of festival-goers who want to stay hydrated, breeze through security lines, and keep their belongings secure. 

Picking what pack is suitable for you depends on how much stuff you typically bring with you, how you like to travel, and what type of live event setting you find yourself in most often.

So whether you feel lost if you aren’t over-prepared, or want to wing it and travel light, Lunchbox has a pack that will not only keep your stuff safe and you looking great, but make sure you don’t get turned away for failing to meet bag requirements.

Lunchbox Hydration Pack 

Designed to solve the woes that will put a damper on a perfect weekend, the OG Lunchbox Hydration Pack is your fully featured best rave friend that keeps you hydrated and secure all weekend long. Perfect for those days when you know that you will need all the things. The top compartment is perfect for your essentials like earplugs, wallet, chapstick, hand sanitizer, portable battery pack, snacks, gum and goodies for your friends like kandi and finger puppets. And rest assured, you can dance your heart away in the crowd with peace of mind as all the zippers are inverted (and face your back) and have zipper clips to prevent theft.

When you’re out and about for a multi-day rave or outdoor adventure, hydration is key. The Lunchbox Hydration Pack’s 2L water bladder—enough to keep you going & hydrated for the entirety of your festival experience—is easy to refill and leak free, so your stuff stays dry. The bottom compartment, where the bladder is stored, is fully insulated so you can throw some beverages, clothing, or a small towel during your hikes, bike rides, or trips to the park to keep cool during these hot summer days.

Are you also looking to take your festival fit to the next level? The Lunchbox Hydration Pack has dozens of interchangeable skins and a variety of lightshow wires that you can loop into unique designs. With unlimited combinations and ways to style your pack, this pack provides you with an open canvas to match not only your outfit of the day, but your personality.

While the trusty OG Lunchbox does a fantastic job at solving all the biggest problems you might face at a fest, there are some situations where a backpack may not be the right choice for your adventure.

For those who prefer to travel a bit lighter, the Sling and Snack boast all the fabulous security and storage features into smaller (yet very versatile) packs.

The Snack Pack and Sling Pack pull triple duty and, thanks to their customizable straps, can be worn as a fanny pack, cross-body bag, or shoulder bag. Both packs have 8 organizational pockets meaning that there is plenty of room to keep all of your trinkets organized.

Sling Pack

Besides being made of the same anti-cut nylon as the Hydration Pack and using the snap-tight, secure zippers, the Sling features an insulated water bottle pocket. Hands free hydration means you can skip standing in the water line and spend more time making memories. It’s not only a great festival companion, but can be used at concerts, outdoor adventures, or for a day trip in the big city.

Snack Pack

The small but mighty Snack Pack is the little sister of the bunch that’s perfect for a club night or a jog to work off the dirty dog you bought at said club night. Even though it’s compact, it still has many organizational pockets, a padded anti-theft phone pocket, and is just as durable as its siblings. The Snack Pack will take all of your essentials out of your pockets and keep them safe and secure while you attend a rave, sporting event, or party.

Clear Hydration & Snack Packs

And now with more live event venues moving towards restrictive bag policies, you are forced to choose between limited low-quality bag options to store your valuables. This inspired us to create our “clear” line of products made with durable and resilient Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material. Our Clear Hydration Pack and Clear Snack Pack boast the same features from our original black styles, but were created specifically for those who want to invest in peace of mind and have better live experiences no matter the venue.

Whether you choose the Lunchbox Hydration Pack, the Sling Pack, the Snack Pack, or one of our Clear Packs, you will always have a great companion that provides you peace of mind, keeps you hydrated, and matches your aesthetic.

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