How to Pack Your Snack Pack

How to Pack Your Snack Pack

Written by Ade Ramos (@vibewithade), lunchbox fam member

The handy Lunchbox Snack Pack is not only a great option for shows or festivals, but perfect for everyday use on walks, running errands, and casual outings. I’m going to walk you through each of the features and how you can best maximize the space! 

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As a general run down of the Snack Pack, it’s a modernized fanny pack designed to be anti-theft, durable, and water-resistant. With three different ways to wear, the Snack Pack boasts many pockets to keep all of your essentials organized. So let’s break down the various compartments and how you can best utilize the compact yet intentional space.


Main Compartment 

The main compartment is expandable and has many pockets within it to organize your essentials. There is the main pocket at the front of the pouch, the phone battery pocket in the back of the pouch, and three mesh pockets (two large and one small) in between.

In the core main pocket which is most accessible, you can put items that you know you’ll likely access frequently like sunglasses, a small fan, bum, or even a snack for later.

Next over are the 3 mesh pockets where you can pack in a variety of items like chapstick, ear plugs, small gifts to handout, hair accessories, or small makeup items. The mesh pockets help keep these items organized so it’s easy for you to grab.

Finally, the phone battery pocket is going to be the closest to your body within that main pocket. This is a great place to store your phone battery charger or items that you don’t plan on taking out frequently as they will stay tucked away. Within that pocket, you’ll find a handy clip that you can use to easily attach things like your keys or earplugs case.

As the front pouch has a locking zipper clip to keep your items from falling out and keeping them safe from pickpocketers, you can focus on having a good time.

Hidden Phone Pocket

The last compartment, which is what makes the Snack Pack next level, is a hidden phone pocket on the back of the pack. This is great for your phone, wallet, keys, or anything of value you wouldn’t want to lose. It keeps your items close to your body and safe as it can’t be seen when you’re wearing the pack and has a zipper.

Knowing how to maximize your use of the Snack Pack can allow you to not only keep your items safe, but know that you have all the essentials you need to go from a show, to the grocery store, or even on a hike. If you’re on the fence about getting a snack pack, take a look at our customers’ reviews to see what other lunchbox fam members are saying.

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