How to Use Your Snack & Sling Packs

How to Use Your Snack & Sling Packs

You can think of the Lunchbox lineup as a wardrobe of all-purpose utility belts, suited for any reason you may step out the door. It’s about pausing for a moment while you prep for the day ahead to think about what pack will fit the adventure. The Snack Pack and Sling Pack are small but mighty. They’re durable and lightweight yet boast plenty of storage within. Also providing peace of mind, these packs have anti-theft phone pockets and zipper clips.

You may think of only taking your Snack or Sling Pack to a concert or festival, but there are so many other opportunities to bring along your go-to experience companions. Check out some of our recommendations!

Everyday Use - Many of my friends use their packs as a work companion! My nurse friend clips her ID badge to the adjustable strap, stores her thermometer, wallet, phone, and PPE in the many organizational pockets, and puts her water bottle in the insulated front pocket of her Sling Pack. My news reporter friend uses his Snack Pack when he’s out in the field covering a news story where he packs all of his audio equipment accessories like wires, headphones, and lavalier microphones into the various pockets.

Sporting Events - Going to the stadium or arena to watch your favorite sports dominate? Bring along your Snack or Sling Pack so long as it doesn’t have a clear bag only policy. It will perfectly store your phone, keys, wallet, and maybe even a souvenir or two.

Clubs & Bar Hopping- Headed to a night out on the town? Travel efficiently and worry-free with your essentials securely tucked into your Snack or Sling Pack. And with multiple ways to wear, it is bound to compliment your outfit.

Travel & Cruises - Doing some sightseeing and don’t want to lug a backpack around with you? A Snack or Sling Pack are perfectly lightweight to securely store all of your daily essentials.

Theme Parks - These packs are perfect to bring with you to Disney World or Universal Studios to hold some sunscreen, snacks, a Powerbox external battery, your wallet (so it doesn’t fly off on one of the rides), and whatever souvenirs you pick up. 

Shopping - For the shopaholics out there, wear the Snack or Sling Pack as a fanny pack so that you can easily access your wallet as you go from store to store, and your keys once you’re ready to head out.

Whether you’re headed to your next concert, vacation, or simply to work, consider bringing along your versatile and durable Snack Pack or Sling Pack. If you’re looking for something with even more storage and customization, check out our best-selling Lunchbox Hydration Pack!

Written by Leo Wong, Lunchbox team member

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