What to Pack in Your Hydration Pack for a Camping Trip

What to Pack in Your Hydration Pack for a Camping Trip

Before heading out on your next hiking adventure or camping trip, you need to make sure you're prepared with all the essentials to ensure a successful weekend! Below is the preparation list we use to make sure we're packing the right items for a stress free trip. But first, you need to start out with the right bag!

For lunchbox Director of Community and Culture Emma's recent trip to Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, New York, she brought her lunchbox Mainstage hydration pack, which was the perfect companion for a hike. Its padding throughout the bag and straps made for a comfortable experience and alleviated any neck/shoulder pain she typically gets. She also made sure to fill up the bladder which holds around 2 gallons of water and opted for her custom "trippy" skin so her friends could easily spot her in the woods. 

What she packed inside her bag:

1. iPhone
2. Granola bars
3. Camera
4. USB Cord
5. External Battery Pack
6. Tissues
7. Wet Wipes
8. Chapstick
9. Bandaids
10. A Beanie
11. A Mask
12. Sunglasses
13. Purell

Some pro tips to take full advantage of your lunchbox hydration pack:
  • Take advantage of the space in the bottom pocket where your bladder sits. Even when it's filled with water, I had enough room to store my beanie, wet wipes and tissues. 
  • Place your external battery pack in the top interior pocket and run your USB cable through the hole in the top of the bag down the strap so you can charge your phone in the front mesh pocket while you hike! 
  • Utilize the whistle that comes on the front strap of your pack if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need someone to locate you. 

While you're packing for your next trip, use the list and tips above to give you peace of mind that you're prepared with everything you'll need for a fun, enjoyable weekend! 

Check out Emma's vlog below to learn more about her hiking adventures with the lunchbox:


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