3L Hydration System

The largest size of hydration upgrade for the lunchbox hydration pack

Thirsty fam, this one is for you. 

If you love your lunchbox but wish you had to refill your water less often, we have an answer! Introducing the lunchbox 3L bladder, perfectly engineered to fit your existing lunchbox hydration pack & the side water refill mechanism. Why'd we build this? So you have more space for more hydration while in the crowd or on the go, of course!

Contains a replacement 3L Bladder, insulated hose, and bite valve. Works in all lunchbox hydration packs as-is. Now featuring a mouthpiece with a dual-use function: drink normally or use it as a free-flow water source for your dog, friends, and more. This system is compatible will all versions of the lunchbox hydration pack, as well as previous hose replacements. 

Something not quite right? We stand behind the quality of our products & will replace any items with defects / issues based on our warranty policy.

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