Water Filter

Have you ever been worried about the quality of water at a festival or while out on a hike? With the new lunchbox inline water filter, you can have peace of mind that you'll get drinkable water no matter where you are! Just squeeze water through the filter or let gravity do the process for you. 

Water filters attach onto our lunchbox hydration system hose, removing 99.99% of E coli, parasitic cysts, and sediment with a 0.2 micron filter. Good for approximately 1,500 liters of fresh water at an output rate of >1 L per minute. Please note that filtering anything besides water (i.e. gatorade, raveraide, alcohol) will shorten the lifespan of your filter, potentially clogging it as it tries to filter it out. For that reason lunchbox recommends only using water in your bladder and with your filter. 

*Water bladder and hose sold separately or as part of a lunchbox hydration pack purchase

Something not quite right? We stand behind the quality of our products & will replace any items with defects / issues based on our warranty policy.

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