A House Head's Experience at Lost Lands 2022

A House Head's Experience at Lost Lands 2022

Written by Garrett Winslett, lunchbox team member


These are the noises I as a house head heard for 3 straight days in Legend Valley, Ohio. My girlfriend and her friend group are all big bass heads and absolutely raved about the experiences they had at Lost Lands in 2021, so I somewhat reluctantly bought my ticket and went into the weekend with an open mind. 

Going into Lost Lands, I knew the level of discomfort that I felt was going to be on another level. Everything about the festival was so different from the house/techno life that I am accustomed to like seeing wooks run around with no shoes on and hearing 10 straight hours of bass music everyday. What I kept reminding myself was that being able to experience new things with people that I love, especially in music, is a blessing; and I couldn’t have been more correct. 


Did I know a total of about 5 artists in the whole lineup? Yep. Did my brain have trouble comprehending the level of bass and insane visuals that was being thrown at my brain and eyes? Absolutely. But making that first right as soon as I entered into the festival grounds and seeing the Prehistoric Evolution Stage and the massive dinosaurs was truly one of those jaw dropping type moments. The design, overall size of the stage, and the ear piercing level of bass at 3pm was mind boggling. I remember saying to myself “What did I get myself into?”. 

By day 3 of the festival, my body was on its last limb from the brutal terrain, my right ear drum had been ringing for the last 16 hours, and I was surviving off 2 pieces of vegan pizza from the day prior. Needless to say, my body and spirit were absolutely THRIVING! But I admittedly had a blast throughout the weekend headbanging, interacting with the dinosaurs, and vibing with my friends. A few of my favorite sets were from Wooli, BTSM, Pendulum & of course Meal Prep (had to get some house in there). 

So if you’ve ever thought about going to a festival or show outside of your typical genre, my advice is…JUST DO IT (in the most Shia LeBeouf voice possible). But honestly, from a house head who spent a weekend at a headbanger’s heaven, here are 3 reasons why you should step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot!



This applies to both Lost Lands and shows in general, but you never know when you’ll meet your next festie bestie. The people at Lost Lands were some of the most down to earth and genuine people I’ve ever met at a festival.



It sounds super cheesy, but I am so extremely grateful that I will be able to sit in my rocking chair when I’m 90 years old, on an oxygen tank, and *hopefully* remember that one time I went to Dino Dubstep Disneyland with my significant other and our friends. You will always regret not experiencing something more than the actual experience.


Let’s face it, we’re always changing as people and we need to continue to try new things; who knows, maybe a year from today I will be the biggest bass head and riding the rail. I may have never become that version of myself had I never decided to step out of my comfort zone and attend Lost Lands. 

As most ravers do on the last day of the festival, I had one of those moments where I became sad at the thought of another incredible core festival memory ending and having to return back to the “real” world. But did I walk away from the weekend meeting incredibly genuine, kind, hilarious people who all shared the same level of passion and love for bass music? No doubt. Did I put myself out there in a situation I knew was out of my comfort zone and walk away with one of the best festival experiences I was fortunate enough to experience? You’re damn right I did! Now will I be attending in 2023 and beyond? Who knows ;)

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