Top Activities For Ravers To Do At Home

Top Activities For Ravers To Do At Home

Being stuck at home is tough. We all miss live music and being able to connect in person with this amazing community. However, there are still activities you can do from the safety of your own home to prepare for festival season and get in the festival spirit!

1. Learn to Shuffle

There are tons of shufflers you can follow on Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and more for instructional videos on how to pull off some of your favorite dance moves. Try looking up Van Seco, Elena Cruz, Amir, Mary Grace, Lauren Corraza, Sterling Torres, and more for pointers!

2. Make Kandi / Perlers

Order some beads to your house and make sure you arrive at the first festival back ready to make new connections and trade all weekend long. 

3. Watch an Artist/Festival Livestream and Throw Your Own at Home Rave

Who says you need somewhere to go to get dressed up? Put on your favorite rave outfit, do your hair and makeup, and dance around to your favorite artist’s livestream in your living room.

4. Customize Your lunchbox 

The lunchbox fam has been getting very creative in quarantine, and you can too! Join our exclusive facebook group to see how other fam members are styling their lunchbox skins. 

5. Learn a New Flow Art 

Whether you are looking to get into gloving, hooping, levitation wand, whip, poi, or any other flow art now is the perfect time! Purchase your toy and flow around your house. 

6. Listen to EDM Podcasts 

EDM content creators are staying busy during this time and releasing tons of podcasts and radio shows to enjoy. Some of our favorites include Rave Culture Cast, House of Wax, Back 2 Back, Vibewithade, Heldeep, and Hexagon Radio! Find a new artist, learn something new about the community, or just party to some great music. 

7. Color

Coloring has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, which we could all use a little of right now. Try your hand at some adult coloring with @beccagraceoriginals’ EDM coloring pages!


8. Work on your Rave Bod

Looking for motivation to workout at home? Time to work on that rave bod for when festival season comes back! Fitness influencers have been putting out tons of at home content to explore, so take a look and find one that works for you. 

9. Create New Playlists 

Artists are putting out tons of new music to add to your favorite playlists. This could also be the perfect time to start a new one (or ten)!

10. Redecorate Your Rave Den

Just because you can’t be at a festival doesn’t mean you can’t bring the festival vibes to you. Hang your perlers, organize your festival wristbands, buy some new mood lighting, or order a tapestry to set the mood for your next in home rave. 

11. Create some EDM tiktoks! 

The EDM community has been quite active and creative on TikTok during quarantine. Go show your support, watch some funny videos, and learn some viral dances! Check out the lunchbox team on TikTok @lunchbox fam <3 

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