How to String Your Lightshow Wires

How to String Your Lightshow Wires

Written by Ade Ramos (@vibewithade)

One of the best features about the Lunchbox Hydration Pack is the ability to add lightshow wires to it. Whether it be to help spot your rave fam in the crowd, or to match perfectly with that outfit that you’ve been planning out for months; our lightshow wires come in all different colors, and you’re able to create numerous different designs with them. Let me quickly show you how you can string your lightshow wires to your Lunchbox!



Start by placing the lightshow inverters into either side of the side pockets that are in the top compartment of the lunchbox. Once placed, thread the lightshow wires completely through each slit or opening that are on the top left and right portions of the bag. 

You’ll notice that around where the skin sits, as well as the outside of the bag itself, there are tiny loops; these loops are meant for you to thread the lightshow wires through to create any design that you may like. I personally like to keep things simple, so I will thread one of the lightshow wires through the outer loops and then transition to the inner loops around the skin. I will then take my other lightshow wire and do the exact same thing, but going the opposite way so that there is not too much overlap between each lightshow wire.

If you’re a little confused or just looking for some inspiration for your next design, our Lunchbox Fam Facebook community and Fam Inspiration Page are STACKED with all sorts of lightshow wire creations from our Lunchbox Fam. Be sure to check it out and join the community if you haven’t already!

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