How to Pack Your Sling Pack

How to Pack Your Sling Pack

Written by Lauren Hutzel (@Lauren_Hutzel)

If you’ve just recently received your Sling Pack, you’ve probably already created hundreds of different scenarios in your head of using it while you run around town, taking it to a local show or event, or just taking cute pics with it on. But what you may not be so sure of is the best way to pack the 2 compartments. Here is how I pack my Sling Pack and what the compartments are created for!



Starting with the microfiber pocket that sits closest to your body, I recommend keeping your phone in that pocket. Not only will the microfiber material ensure that the screen or case doesn’t get scratched, but since it sits along the front of your body, you’ll be able to feel and ensure that your phone is in the pocket. 

In the large front pocket, there are multiple compartments which allows for multiple combinations for you to pack it, so personalize to your liking! I like to keep my ID & 1-2 credit cards ( I don’t like to carry my whole wallet here as I don’t tend to need anything more than those 2 cards), a pack of gum, a Boom Boom or Vicks stick, and a pair of sunglasses. I also like to use the clip on the inside to attach my car keys or earplugs case so I have easy access to both of them. Clip the anti-theft zipper shut and you’re ready to go!

The cherry on top for the Sling Pack is that you’re able to carry and hold a water bottle in the insulated water pouch. It also comes with an anti-theft clip as well to ensure your bottle doesn’t fall out or get stolen. 

Whatever way you like to pack your Sling is the beautiful part of this product; there are no two Lunchbox’s alike!

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