How to Use Your Lunchbox Hydration Pack Bladder

How to Use Your Lunchbox Hydration Pack Bladder

Written by Bebe Howell (@bebe_howell)

If you’ve just recently purchased your Lunchbox (welcome to the fam btw!), or your upgrading that V1 you’ve had for a while, then you’ve noticed that we have come up with a new bladder design for our Lunchbox Hydration Pack! I’m here to quickly walk you through on how to use and install your new bladder!


Looking at the bladder, you’ll notice 2 light blue clasps on either side of the bladder. To open the bladder, all you do is push the 2 clasps up. Just a suggestion, but I would highly suggest washing your bladder before you use it for the first time! On the mouthpiece, you’ll also notice a light blue push/pull lever which will open and close the flow of water through the hose. 

If you have purchased a new bladder for your OG Lunchbox and are wanting to install it, simply remove the hose from the bladder with the push clasp and thread the hose through the top insert of the lunchbox that runs through the top compartment and through to the bottom compartment via a small hole in the corner. Once you’ve threaded the hose through to the bottom compartment, reattach the hose to the bladder until you hear a click; BOOM you’re ready to tackle your next adventure or festival/event!

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