Matching Skins to Your Festival Fits

Matching Skins to Your Festival Fits

Written by Shea Tellier (@sheatellier)

As any festival goer can see, rave pixies have Demonia-stomped onto the scene and can curate ethereal outfits that would make the average top-40 listener go blind. Festival fashion is a very unique fabric spun from threads of incredibly varied origins. The unique intersection is found somewhere between the ‘hippie’ styles made popular in the 1960s and the club kid styles of the New York City warehouse parties in the late 80s and 90s. Where one wears a crochet top and patchwork harem pants, another dons a leather bikini and 7 inch platform boots. Working within these wide parameters allows many people with all sorts of fashion influences to freely express themselves through their festival outfits. 

At lunchbox, we remain awe-struck by the creativity sewn throughout the rave community and are constantly inspired by the expression through fashion seen at EDM festivals. Our interchangeable skins have been designed by ravers, for ravers. We want to allow festival goers to take the same fashion liberties with their Lunchbox Hydration Pack as they do in every other aspect of their meticulously planned and deeply unique festival outfits. I’ve curated outfits to match 5 of our awesome skins to provide some inspiration for those looking to incorporate their lunchbox into future fits! 


This quantum trip skin is, obviously, one hell of a trip! Featuring a bit of sacred geometry and nearly every color in the rainbow, this skin can pair well with all sorts of outfits. I chose to honor the varied colors represented in the skin by wearing a rainbow kitty ears headband. The flowers printed on my top and skirt set both reflect the colorful aspect as well as the lotus-like sacred geometry found in the skin!



The outerbloom skin features a mandala type design etched into a gorgeous rainbow reflective material. As a huge fan of rainbow reflection, I decided to employ plenty of this material in my full outfit. I wore a scrappy bodysuit and garters in the same material as the skin to create this cohesive look. I then popped a white, sparkly, iridescent pair of kitty ears to top it all off!



The simulation web skin features a mandala with intricate patterns throughout the hues of gray, green, and purple. Although the mandala is accented with bright white in the middle, I still got somewhat *dark* vibes from this skin. I therefore decided to pair the skin with a black top and a black mesh skirt accented with green markings. I also added a labradorite and moonstone wire-wrapped pendant as the green/blue hues of the labradorite mixed with the crisp white of the moonstone felt like a perfect fit here. I also added a hair puff in blue along side one in green as to pull both colors back into the total look!



The tundra skin depicts a swirling whirlpool of indigo, azure, and white with bits of fuchsia popping up throughout. This skin can really be paired with outfits pulling from any of its core colors! I chose a mesh top with a similarly swirling pattern that features white, shades of blue, and pops of purple. I paired the top with white bottoms, holographic garters, and azure fuzzy kitty ears.



My final outfit curation is for the disco queen skin. This skin is made from a dazzling, holographic fabric that catches the light from every angle. When developing this outfit I was channeling one simple concept: “What if Maddy from euphoria went to rave?” I decided to pair this skin with a rhinestone bra and black bottoms with rhinestone rings. I also added rhinestone studded mesh arm warmers, a chunky silver chain necklace, black garters, holographic garters, and oversized black sunglasses. 

Keep in mind that these are meant purely to serve as inspiration! It is each person's creativity that breathes life into our vivid festival fashion culture! Wear what makes you comfortable. Wear whatever it is that makes you feel your most authentic self. Feel free to dress down and cozy up. Feel just as free to go full glam and flaunt your beautiful raver self! Festival fashion has more than enough room for you and your wonderful festival outfits!! <3

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